NZGamer: NBA 2K9 Preview

1UP writes: "Check it out – it's the other sports franchise. You know – the one not owned by EA. Impressively, they've kept several series trucking along, including NBA 2K. So how does this yearly update fare? We went hands on with the title to find out.

The idea behind this latest version seems to be 'take what was good about last year and add a whole heap more'. 2K Sports seems to have firmly grasped the capabilities of the next gen consoles, and is taking advantage of their superior processing power. They also seem to have added in a slew of content, from players to new modes."

The Good: Significant gameplay improvements

The Bad: Not as polished as EA's offerings

The Ugly: The cheerleader character models

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oliveira3113686d ago

Live did improve quite a bit judging from the demo, but 2K has always been the most realistic and smoothest hoops game. This was a pretty weak preview - probably because 2K has been withholding info. Also, who cares about the shiny polish, as long as the gameplay is solid and responsive then that is all that matters.