NZGamer: House of the Dead: Overkill Preview

NZGamer writes: "Sega's long running rail-shooter House of The Dead has been on Saturn, Dreamcast, PC, and Xbox, and now it's hitting Nintendo's Wii with its latest spin-off: House of The Dead: Overkill. Although it isn't a core entry, House of The Dead: Overkill will serve as a prequel to the series. For this title Sega has handed development duties to Headstrong Games, formally known as Kuju Entertainment (of Battalion Wars fame).

This is the first time House of the Dead has graced a Nintendo platform; it's also the first time players won't have to fork out extra money for a light gun - either separate or bundled with the game - as the Wii Remote will take its place as the primary controller and will offer a few advantages over traditional light guns."

The Good: Melee attacks with waggle!

The Bad: "You got zombie guts all over my top"

The Ugly: The ensuing brawl

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