Free Copies of Starcraft 2 Are Being Given Away by Blizzard, Game Might Be Going Free-to-Play

Gamers from around the world are reporting that Blizzard is giving away free copies of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty seemingly at random.

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ravinash723d ago

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty has been round for years, but the new DLC that's still coming out require players to have the basic game.
Seems like a good idea now that most people who would pay for the basic game have probably done so now.
This way, if they get new players in, they can then get them to buy the new chapters.

Booggeyman723d ago

I haven't considered that possibility but now that you mention it....
It would be very sad, though, if you're doing this to get players to buy the DLC instead of doing it in an attempt to revive the competitive scene.

Dabigsiebowski722d ago

That is half true. You can buy the latest and last expansion (which is awesome) and play it without owning the last games.

However you can't go back and play that other expansion content like campaigns and it's mp unless you buy them.

ONESHOTV2722d ago

wow after i have spent 80+ for both the base game and expansion

JamesBondage722d ago

i remember when the first starcraft came out, those were the days... when you got all 3 races and their campaigns for one low price of 39.99(how much new games were back then)

Fist4achin722d ago

Maybe the next Starcraft game will be coming out soon?!