1UP: Suikoden Tierkreis Preview

1UP writes: "Suikoden, Konami's flagship role-playing franchise, inhabits a Japanese RPG "comfort zone," in a sense. Unburdened by the weighty expectations of, say, Square Enix's juggernauts, this decade-old series is free to take advantage of a little more creative freedom. Suikoden's developers are trying to apply that creativity to a new platform, by taking Suikoden to the Nintendo DS with Suikoden: Tierkreis (the subtitle means "zodiac" in German and is pronounced "tear-crice" in its native tongue, though Konami seems to be going with a "tear-kreez" pronunciation in English).

Tierkreis, the first handheld Suikoden title to ever head Stateside, retains many of the series' familiar features and settings, but it also takes advantage of the DS hardware to introduce some new twists. If you've played a Suikoden game before, you'll feel right at home, but any JRPG vet should be in familiar territory. You trek from village to village and dungeon to dungeon, with random battles interspersed between -- unlike most of the series' five main console entries, though, Tierkreis features a Final Fantasy Tactics -style point-by-point map instead of an expansive overworld. Battles still come in the traditional three Suikoden flavors, though: turn-based random battles, 1-on-1 duels, and full-on army-versus-army confrontations."

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