1UP: Lock's Quest Review

1UP writes: "Something strange happened one night while I was in the midst of an extended session of Lock's Quest, the new DS tower-defense title from the team that created the innovative platformer Drawn to Life. I'd just finished a particularly grueling set of battles in the game world's forested eastern front, and I set the DS down to take a breather and hop online for a few. Within seconds of wandering over to my computer, I found myself sucked into an archaic Flash tower-defense game; in stark contrast to Lock's Quest, it's easy to see just how much progress the genre's made.

Lock's Quest is the kind of game that makes you appreciate the brilliant simplicity of the tower-defense formula, even as it adds its own subtle complexities. If PixelJunk Monsters moved the genre forward by giving players an in-game avatar who rushes around building the towers and gathering gold, Lock's Quest takes it to the next logical step. Now the bad guys -- mostly of the robotic variety, in this case -- can actually engage and destroy towers, and main character Lock can fight them hand-to-hand or focus on repairing damaged turrets and walls. The game effectively straddles the line between traditional tower defense and full-on real-time strategy, requiring the more fast-paced, on-the-fly tactics of the latter without ditching the addictive, pick-up-and-play nature of the former."

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