GamesRadar: WWE Legends of WrestleMania Preview

GamesRadar writes: "When THQ revealed its WWE spin-off, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, one thing went through my mind. I know these brawlers. Hazy TV memories flooded back of the Hulkster stomping around his ring, Ultimate Warrior delivering sermons from the turn buckle and Andre the Giant, well, looking big. Very big. Back in the day there were no average Joes in trunks, no faceless pecked-up meatheads banging on about 'real wrestling'. WWE was an event run by the biggest showmen in the business and if it didn't come wrapped in a dayglo feather bower, then it had no place even being in WWE. Good times. What's great about Legends of Wrestlemania is that it takes all this on board, and more. It doesn't aim to be 'real' – it just wants to be fun. Gameplay has been stripped back to a simple four-button combo system; melee attack, grapple, Irish Whip and counter are all performed on the face buttons."

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The Karate Kid3684d ago

This should be good, because these latest wrestling games have simply lost there edge. Its like playing a role playing game!! I would like to get back into just good old fashioned casual fighting wrestlemania, like the old arcade days.