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ThisGenGaming says "Capcom's latest attempt at bringing back Resident Evil to its former glory was a good attempt, and much better compared to Resident Evil 6 but overall it fails to reach it's full potential."


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BlakHavoc1463d ago

Interesting, waiting to see the rest tonight when the embargo lifts to determine whether or not I'm getting this or Yakuza 0.

ONESHOTV21463d ago

Yakuza zero will give you at least 80+hrs of game play because no one plays Yakuza once well I don't I normally go through it 2 times so I can get more money for the hostess clubs and mini games that requires money plus you don't get bored of doing it.

joab7771463d ago

RE7 is something I will rent. At 9-10 hrs tops I'm not paying $60, not with Nioh coming in a couple weeks. That demo was so damn good!

It is strange how the first 2 reviews I read are completely different though. This one being fairly short, the other more in depth and loved it!!

BlakHavoc1463d ago

For me 80+ hours on one game is not automatically a selling point, if a game is filled with that much content I've really gotta be having a ball in order to log that many hours. I actually enjoy short 10-15 hour experiences in between these massive open world games. Plus we're approaching open world season here soon with Horizon, ME:A, NieR, Zelda, and P5 all coming out in a few weeks. I need some shorter experiences to fit in between these games lol.

_-EDMIX-_1463d ago

Yakuza series also has lots of side quest

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morganfell1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I am getting both but I am more hyped for Yakuza 0 because no Yakuza game has ever let me down. Not ever. This includes YDS in which I found plenty to enjoy. Anything with Akiyama thank you very much.

EDIT: And looking at the waves of 9s, 9.5s, and 10s RE7 is getting only proves this particular review is the anomaly.

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_-EDMIX-_1463d ago

Because of how both games are so different I would just get both.

Well I'm currently getting both anyway

BlakHavoc1462d ago

Can't really afford that lol. I'll be getting one or the other as well as For Honor, Horizon, NieR, ME:A, and P5.

_-EDMIX-_1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Damn that really sucks I would strongly just consider renting Resident Evil 7 because the Resident Evil games have always been pretty short and then purchase Yakuza since I believe it has a longer gameplay time.

Based on what you're going to be purchasing if you really like RPGs you'll be surprised by the Yakuza Series so I would definitely say pick up zero

IamTylerDurden11462d ago

Good choice as both Yakuza 0 and Resident Evil 7 are getting great reviews.

At the time of typing Resident Evil 7 is an 86 on Metacritic on 43 reviews.

Yakuza 0 is an 85 on Metacritic on 49 reviews.

-Foxtrot1462d ago

Oh this is hilarious...

Huge difference between wanting a game to be good and a game actually being good guys

TalesofEvil1462d ago

U do know this is one of those sites that do early reviews and also put random crap in there review slap a big click bait head line and boom there is a click bait article.

IamTylerDurden11462d ago

RE7 is good, it's an 86 Metacritic. Just thought you know.

Great start of the year for PS4/Sony. Gravity Rush 2 got excellent reviews, Yakuza 0 is getting terrific scores, Tales of Berseria averaging 8/10, and Resident Evil 7 is an 86 on Metacritic.

_-EDMIX-_1462d ago


That's completely subjective.

if you're going to let a number by somebody else determine weather you pick up a game or not that just speaks volumes to your own questionable judgment.

It's nice to hear some positive reviews reinforcing features that Gamers have wanted in the series for a long time but ultimately I could care less about what the reviews are stating I've already made my decision a long time ago to purchase Resident Evil 7 based on what I've read the game to have.

Unless the review is telling me none of those features are there, I actually don't care

joethetimelord1462d ago

As a guy who's hyped as hell for RE7, Yakuza 0 is the game you should get.

Deadpooled1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

ThisGenGaming..... Take anything from this site that's gaming related with a pinch of salt regardless of the review quality (and I am saying this in general, not necessarily related to this review). They're more interested in the ad revenue than the quality of gaming related content.

solderman1462d ago

Got Yakuza 0 today and I can confirm it is phenomenal.

_-EDMIX-_1462d ago

Nice! I've been watching so many reviews.

I can't wait to get my copy

IamTylerDurden11462d ago

RE7 is an 86 on Metacritic out of 43 reviews so far, it's apparently fantastic. Supposedly it is a spectacularly intense experience on PSVR.

sdcard4gb1462d ago

Dude, get Yakuza, I easily recommend it.

hduce1462d ago

I am playing this game right now. I got it early from Best Buy. It is actually pretty good. I am liking the story so far. I haven't tried the VR portion yet but this game is the best Resident Evil since 4.

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gantarat1463d ago

Dissapoint but still give 7.5

DiceAndRice1463d ago

You can still be disappointed and give a good score.

Muzikguy1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

As a reviewer sure I suppose I can see that. If I reviewed something though and were disappointed the score would reflect it

Aloren1462d ago

Well, the score does reflect it. Did you read it ? His conclusion is :
"Resident Evil 7 is a much better Resident Evil game compared to Resident Evil 6 but it’s not this generations Resident Evil 4, actually it’s quite far from it. It’s also far from being a bad game, actually it’s a pretty good game that’s worth purchasing but the issues keeps it from reaching its full potential. "

Sounds like 7 to me.

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game4funz1462d ago

Then the disappointment is a bias and useless to even mention.

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kowan1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Being disappointed in something doesn't always mean that something was bad but might mean it just did not meet the high expectations of the one who reviewed it.

game4funz1462d ago

Then that is a bias and has not place in a review.

-Foxtrot1462d ago

Franchise name

If it was called "Madhouse" then it would get lower

TalesofEvil1462d ago Show
-Foxtrot1462d ago

Says you

...your replies to me and others here shows people how much of a hypocrite you are

Very immature

gantarat1462d ago

That not explain why RE 6 get mixed or low score.

-Foxtrot1462d ago

Considering what the game was like RE6 still got off pretty lightly in some places

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