Giant Bomb Fable 2 Preview

GB reports:

''Fable II has a storyline, and it is rough stuff. The former is what Peter Molyneux would like you to know--he allows the first game was a little short on narrative, but you'll purportedly find a much more cohesive storyline in this sequel. The latter is what I discovered when Molyneux and Microsoft came through San Francisco with an all-but-completed* build of Fable II and let me craft my own fable with the game for nearly three hours. (*Yes, Molyneux's E3 proclamation that Fable II was finished was slightly premature.)''

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Killjoy30003686d ago

I so desperately want an early review of this game. I'm eager to see the critic's final impressions.

WIIIS13686d ago

Reading all these impressions is just whetting my appetite for true RPG goodness. It is either Fable 2 or Fallout 3 that will be my GOTY. Gears 2 will be great too, but I've had enough of shooters, and LBP will probably be my wife's and daughter's favorite pastime, which will automatically make it mine as well.

Killjoy30003685d ago

Sorry, but I think MGS4 will beat Fable 2.

Radiodread3685d ago

there's no way, despite what you think. just NO