NiOh PS4 Pro vs PS4 Pro 1080p Screenshot Comparison: A Very Visible Difference and Lots of Options

Koei Tecmo definitely pulled all the stops to give players a lot of options to enjoy NiOh with their favorite balance between visuals and frame rate, on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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Rimeskeem634d ago

It's mainly the anti-aliasing and some lighting effects that are changed (look at the bow string to see the differences)

nitus10634d ago

You are right but if you just have a PS4 you won't notice that much of a difference unless you have the screens side by side. Let's put it this way who enjoys the scenery when you have a tengu yokai trying it's best to send you to your maker?

In many ways, the action is like Bloodborne** except there is allot more strategy (eg Stances and Kai recovery) and you can slice limbs off, were as in Bloodborne you do get allot of blood with a visceral attack but no gore.

Note**: This is not condemning Bloodborne since it is one of my favorite games but in Australia, Bloodborne has a classification of MA15+ whereas games like The Witcher 3 have an R18 rating although to be fair TW3 does have sex as well as gore.

NiOh is one game I definitely will be getting along with Gravity Rush 2, Nier Automata, possibly Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5. Damn! that is a lot of games and I do like to take my time with RPG's.

kevnb634d ago

If you are the kind of gamer who bought a ps4 pro you will notice the difference.

mikeslemonade634d ago

The best way to play this game is action mode on PS4 Pro. PS Poor feeling the pain lol

bouzebbal634d ago

yes, action mode on Pro is the one i chose for the latest demo.
cool pro is getting attention!

emad-E-three633d ago

My god Am I the only one confused with title?
"NiOh PS4 Pro vs PS4 Pro 1080p Screenshot Comparison: A Very Visible Difference and Lots of Options"

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k2d633d ago

Honestly, I did not notice the aliasing on the bow string in game.

Septic634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

It looks like a PS3 game to me. Visually it's not all that at all although that's not really the appeal of this game.

Might just be the bits I played in the demo...maybe it gets better later on. Admittedly I didn't go far.

Tutorial plus fighting revenant in the forest.

Abriael634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

I don't think you have a very clear idea of how games looked on PS3

Septic634d ago

Do you think it's a visually stunning title? Or should I say 'glorious'?

Aloy-Boyfriend634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

considering how great Gow3, Ascencion, Uncharted 3, TLoU, Beyond 2 souls, and other late PS3 games looked that should be a compliment

Andreas-Sword634d ago

NioH will be the best Samurai Action game on the PS4!

Ultr634d ago

you got destroyed by the enemies. admit it. lol

Septic633d ago

I got merked by the revenantS.

Combat was decent but just didn't really care for the setting and style etc.

Realms633d ago

Septic if this game doesn't appeal to you visually with it's gameplay or depth why are you wasting your time to share-ring your thoughts on it? SMH oh right you like to troll Sony articles.

Liqu1d633d ago

You said it looks like a PS2 game in the N4G community, can you be more consistent in your trolling. Only doing the tutorial and fighting a few revenants is like 1% of the demo, try actually playing it.

Razzer633d ago

The game isn't for me either after playing the demo. Having said way it looks like a PS3 game.

JohnWayne_633d ago

Hey sceptic I think it still looks better then that scalebound game you always bragged about, hahaha everyone here knows what and who you are. Any chance you have an opportunity to bash a Sony exclusive you do your best, lowlife trash is what you are.

sullynathan633d ago

yeah, the game looks washed out as fuck, even worse on video

Septic633d ago

Yeah visuals aren't great but that's obviously not the focus here. There is good depth in the combat but this one isn't for me I don't think.

Bigpappy633d ago

Well the ground has good detail, but the character model and the environment look a bit flat and not as vibrant as I would expect on the pro. That's just judging from the photos shown here. I may be need to see it in action.

trooper_633d ago

You need to get your eyes checked.

tyasia0633d ago

Wow Septic you say a lot of stuff I disagree with but this one really takes the cake. The game looks fantastic on both systems, not only that it's a step up graphically from Dark Souls 3 imho and no one complained about how that looked.

I generally don't consider you a blatant troll just an Xbox booster but seriously are you just trolling or what?

PurpHerbison633d ago

Playing the newest demo right now and I can confirm, it definitely looks like a late gen PS3 game that got upscaled and rereleased on PS4. This is definitely a gameplay > graphics type of game.

XtreemGamer633d ago

well its still looks much better than anything on the crapbox 720p lol

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SenorFartCushion634d ago



DashArrivals634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

It's funny because the amount of difference between Scorpio and PS4pro will be just as negligible.

The biggest difference is HDR to non HDR. Coming from someone that has a 75" UHD HDR 4k beast of a TV. HDR is the main thing and the biggest difference.

Scorpio is not going to sell well. People just don't need it. Hardcore Xbox fans will buy, but that will be it. It will just be a premium option. Just like the PS4pro is a premium option also. To think that the Scorpio will be the answer to Xbox One's woes is foolish.

BizarroUltraman634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

Dude you guys gotta stop bringing up Scorpio or just Xbox in general on unrelated topic. Who before you in the thread mentions Xbox?

Even the person your replying to never says the words.

OrbitingTheOrb633d ago

The only reason to bring this up would be if you're a Sony fan boy, and you're already starting to feel insecure about the fact that your time in owning the more powerful console is limited.
The full specs of the Scorpio havent been revealed. The difference could be well more than negligible. Keep telling yourself what you need to though.

Abriael634d ago

Extra 400 dollars? Didn't know the PS4 Pro costed $650. The things you learn...

Lon3wolf634d ago

He meant spending the $400 on a pro to upgrade from the standard PS4 , albeit in an odd way.

SenorFartCushion634d ago

I meant spending the $400 on a pro to upgrade from the standard PS4 , albeit in an odd way.

BizarroUltraman634d ago

That would be the price of the PS4 Pro $399.

ziggurcat634d ago

Being able to play this at a locked 60fps @ 1080p is worth every penny I spent on my Pro, thanks.

SenorFartCushion634d ago

Then you got ripped off.

Yay corpoerations making ridiculous amounts of money from "smart" people(!)

ziggurcat633d ago

It's not your place to decide whether someone has been ripped off.

And since when are you the authority in how people spend their money?

Nyxus634d ago

If you don't think it's worth it, then just don't buy the Pro. What's the problem?

SenorFartCushion634d ago

I'm not buying it. I WILL, however, continue badmouthing it as it is very manipulative and it even shows a bad business decision.

Zarock634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

Why are the mods not flagging this comment and banning this troll yet? They must be sleeping.

SenorFartCushion634d ago

Because I'm being truthful.

I am not doing "the T word." I am criticising a product that i believe to be a bad business decision and something that is made to take advantage of a memetic trend i.e. thinking shinier is "better."

How else is someone supposed to write sarcasm?

I do not like this product and thankfully, this site doesn't advertise so i should be allowed to criticise the product.

riibhu634d ago

Don't bother buddy N4G is the motherbase of all ps4 users, they can't take criticism of their console. But you can speak about other console to your heart's content they will fully support you there.

SenorFartCushion633d ago (Edited 633d ago )


I write a post

Reply: FANBOY!!!!

I reply: i have both, look at my profile pict...

Reply: FANBOY!!!

I reply: no, i ha...

Reply: Then you just favour your xbox over your ps4

I reply:.....what!?

Aenea634d ago

I only paid an extra 200 tho when I gave them my PS4....

SenorFartCushion633d ago

You can buy so many other, more useful things for that.

I once knew a person who bought a car for that.

Nathan_Hale53633d ago

200 for a POS car? Not worth it to the general consensus. Worth is determined by the individual. So, why not let them buy what they want?

CP_Company634d ago

what? so if you have PS4,the upgrade cost you maybe 200$? because you will sell yours PS4,no? :D of course it worth it,every game is going to run smoother and more stable and with better graphics+1Tb+Hdr+better wi-fi,no brainer here.

SenorFartCushion633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

An ssd already helps with load times and storage.

Better wifi is an odd excuse, yes the downloads aren't as fast as Xbox's due to the ghz filtered through but it is still fast.

And as far as graphics are concerned, 1000 games out for the console, only about 50 are improved and not even in dramatic ways. Shadow of Mordor is said to be the most dramatic and that is old. The ps5 will also be coming in 2018/19.

Cryptcuzz633d ago

Why don't you sell or trade or existing PS4? That's if you even have one. Whether you do or don't, it don't matter to me. Just one is more sad than the other for someone who is on a crusade to get as many people not to buy the pro.

"I'm not buying it. I WILL, however, continue badmouthing it as it is very manipulative and it even shows a bad business decision"

How is manipulative for a corporation to provide essentially a different SKU of the same product, in this case the PS4?

Both play the same games, but for those who invest into 4k displays or just want a better visuals and higher / stable framerates can buy or upgrade to the pro version. It really isn't that hard to understand and you yourself probably have been apart of this trend in many products that you buy.

"Even shows bad business decision"
Do you own stocks in the company? Then why do you care?

Is it selling poorly? Quite the opposite.

Do you speak for gamers as a whole by possibly insinuating that its taking console gaming in a bad direction? If so, you're doing it wrong.

All games are the same amongst the PS4 and PS4 Pro. No exclusive games, no exclusive content to force others into upgrading to the PS4 pro.

It is simply an option for PS4 owners / future PS4 owners on which one they would like to buy. It is not rocket science as to what the PS4 pro provides over the PS4.

It is clear as day and no amount of your time wasted on your crusade will change a thing when one is ultimately going to make the decision onto buying / staying on the PS4, or upgrading / buy the PS4 Pro.

SenorFartCushion633d ago

I'm simply saying what i think of it and if i was Sony, i wouldn't release it because now the other companies such as Nintendo (with The Switch) and Xbox (with the Scorpio) know exactly WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN LAUNCHING THEIRS.

Really just give me what your idea of the impact has been?

This hasn't blown up, devs complain, a lot of games are having more problems than before, the PS5 will be tossed out no later than 2019, you can't apply the graphical changes to a multiplayer game because you'll be splitting the fanbase and out of the 1000+ games we have now for the console, only about 50 are "improved" (after they break and are fixed, that is)

So how is this a good thing?

P.s. look at my profile pic. I have every console.

Ravenor633d ago


If you can't see you're being overly emotional about this I don't know what to tell you. I sold my original PS4 and purchased the Pro. Along with a 4KTV I've been more than happy with the whole thing, I understand you feel I've been manipulated; going to the Bestbuy looking at TV's noting how much sharper 4k looked and deciding I would buy a console that fit my needs. No it doesn't run many games at 4k natively, but the checkerboarding technique used in some games is very close to a native 4k image on my PC monitor. That to me was impressive on it's own, so I made the decision to buy.

50 games are improved? It's the end of January, the Pro was released in mid November. Diablo 3 even got Pro Support at this point, it runs at native 4k even. 50 games is a great number for a new piece of tech to be supported, especially when this is a new idea for games. I'll reserve my overall judgment on the Pro when the dust has settled and we can look back on the PS4 as a whole.

Change your diapers.

Kurdishcurse633d ago

something tells me youre bad and/or insecure about money management. and no, you are not truthful. you are emotionally spiteful at best. piss off with your psuedo intelligence.

gbsrnctaln633d ago

Somebody cant afford a pro.

#jelly #lol

Nathan_Hale53633d ago

$400 isn't really that much money. If you traded your PS4 for a Pro, then it would be less. Don't see the issue with it.

BlackOni633d ago

If you sold your old ps4 for the pro it most certainly wouldn't be an extra $400. (that's what I did, only spent about $60 to upgrade)

guyman633d ago

At least we'll ps4 owners will get this game, reason enough to own a ps4/pro.

Mmmmm, the tears are beautiful

UCForce633d ago

You push your emotional way too far.

Aenea633d ago

"you can't apply the graphical changes to a multiplayer game because you'll be splitting the fanbase"

Nonsense, they can and have done so, look at Battlefield 1 or COD: IW, COD: MW, COD: BLOPS3 or Titanfall 2...

Don't get why people still think this, the only thing that was ever mentioned was that there should be no change in the max frame rate, so not changing a locked 30 fps game to 60 fps in a multiplayer mode and even then it was totally up to the devs anyways.

Also that games are running worse is another one of those stupid things that isn't true anymore, some had some issues where they chose the wrong thing to do which resulted in a few drops per second more than the base PS4 version, as far as I know all those that had those sorta issues have been patched again...

I don't get your crusade, it's silly, it actually gives benefits to the owners, I'm glad I bought it.

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metalgod88634d ago

I really don't see any difference at all. I would expect the aliasing to be cleaned up, given a sharper image, or softer tones(HDR), but I'm not seeing any of that. Graphics aside, the game is awesome and I'm really looking forward to this one.

starchild634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

The differences will be much more apparent in person. Better image quality and better framerates don't show up easily or at all in screenshots. The IQ does, but it may not appear that drastic to some people.

captainexplosion634d ago

Do games automatically know you are playing on a Pro, or is there a setting? If I did a wired transfer and took everything off my regular PS4 and put it on my Pro will the setting in the Pro think its a regular PS4 (for instance, I never had to re-set up my PSVR when I did transferred to PRO so I don't know if the PSVR is set to work with Pro).

Wallstreet37634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

On COD Infinite for instance its automatic. The difference between COD on Og ps4 and Pro is remarkable. But on games like Nioh you have settings you change on your own. It depends on the game and what features the devs implemented on the pro side.