Star Wars: FU PS3/360 comparison by Gametrailers

Video comparison

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sak5003687d ago

Hmmm looks exactly the same. For once ps3 doesnt look washed out or faded.

chaosatom3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I don't know how many times gametrailers has been trying to show ps3 is inferior and when their lies are caught, they get some other excuses.

Mulitplatform games are not never going to show ps3's true potential, because developers will always try to make games similar in quality.

Xbox 'become' superior because ps3 has had problems with unreal 3 engine, and developers were porting 360 to ps3 and were unaware of ps3's archieture. Most of the developers don't even use SPE, and try to do without them, not realizing the importance of them.

Those of you that claim that ps3 is not as superior as Sony said back then is missing the simple fact, that the exclusive titles in graphics comparions, (not the metacritic score), are much better than some of the 360 titles.

Superioty for Sony was always in graphics, and they deliever them through their exclusives titles, not the mulitplatform games.

kai_h3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Lucas Arts said that all games after The Force Unleashed would be led on the PS3 while The Force Unleashed was led on the 360.

WIIIS13687d ago

Why delude yourself about the graphics on PS3 exclusives? You guys have been talking about the graphics of PS3 exclusives being better since launch and none of that is true. Lair was a graphical mess contrary to your collective ravings, the only good thing was the cinematics. The best parts of Heavenly Sword were again in the cinematics, in no small part thanks to the great use of motion capture. Motorstorm was mediocre no matter how loudly you lie about it and now with Pure out, Motorstorm 2 has a lot to catch up to. Uncharted is still the best looking PS3 exclusive game todate, but again it was motion capture that made it look better than it in fact was. MGS4 again was only great when it came to cinematics and even that was not as good as the cinematics on HS and Uncharted. GT5 which has been in production for eons and still without a release date has been closely matched by PGR4, Grid and probably will be even more closely matched by Forza 3 and Race Pro. Resistance 2 and KZ2 - I've seen the trailers they're nothing to shout about after having seen Gears 1, Bioshock, COD4, Gears 2.

Face it, Sony didn't deliver on their promise to blow out the competition in graphics. They have in fact been trying very hard to be competitive on that front. Look at the amount of time and money they had to spend in developing their exclusive games, you know they're trying their darndest best to squeeze out all they can from the console.

Bathyj3687d ago

If you actually play one instead of just watching low res movies, its NEVER washed out or faded.

you're just a lying sack of crap. You've got the gall to talk graphics, and then bring up Forza. HA. GT4 on PS2 still looks better than Lego Forza on X360. You've played nothing on PS3 and your pants are on fire. I hope you burn.

PoSTedUP3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

what a waste of words WIIIS1, motion capture has nothing to do with graphics. Heavenly swords cinematics are the same graphics as the gameplay. MGS4 looks better than uncharted. im not wasting any more time on your BS kid ok.....

@ bthyj- "you're just a lying sack of crap." <-----lol lol yes he is...

etownone3687d ago

"Superioty for Sony was always in graphics, and they deliever them through their exclusives titles, not the mulitplatform games."

hahahaha... and there you have it folks, probably the dumbest statement coming from a sony fan yet.

Tell me, if graphics are so important to you than i'm sure you know the the original Xbox detroyed EVERY multi-plat game compared the Sony's PS2. I can only assume Sonys "superiority for graphics" wasn't their top priority last gen.
...and this gen in 06 Gears of War won mostly all the graphics of the year awards, and in 07 COD4 and Bioshock won mostly all the graphics of the year award, so tell me again where is Sony and there "superiority for graphics?" Where was your precious uncharted when they were handing awards out for best graphics?

I guess its going to just take another year of beatings to get it through your thick head. In 2009 Gears of War 2 will win most awards for best graphics for consoles because hands down it already looks much better than MGS4.

WIIIS13686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

@ Bathyj

And you're an unadulterated immature fanboy. Constantly using spiteful phrases like "hope you burn" and childish words like "Lego Forza" gives you a lot of credibility and popularity among your type (like Posted Up) I'm sure, but if you read carefully, I was talking about the probability of Forza 3 matching GT5 graphics. And sorry to shatter your delusion but I have played quite a few games from the library of PS3 games on my PS3.

@ Posted Up

You obviously haven't played HS or Uncharted. The use of motion capture in the cinematics were fantastic and made them superior to any cinematics seen so far, including MGS4's. Either that or you're a blind sycophant of Hideo Kojima.

PoSTedUP3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

you said best looking game and i though you meant graphics because when you say a game looks better than another, that has nothing to do with motion capture unless you make it clear ok. you CAN say "uncharted has better animations and cinematics than MGS4" but you CANT said uncharted looks better than MGS4 cause its a fact that MGS4 looks better than uncharted ok. i have all three btw.... unchrtd, hs and mgs4.

edit: btw your opinion sucks and it is extremely biased because most of it isnt true and is just your biased preference because you can only afford a 360 or just dont like the ps3 so yea bring some facts or else your just a sad little boy with his garbage opinions trying to prove a point with how sad.... no facts= no contest.

@ Etown- when gears came out in 06' it had no competition whatsoever, the ps3 came out at the very end of 06' with a launch title (resistance)+ motorstorm. what was it really competing against? a launch title? cmon dude. the media was EXTREMELY biased against the ps3 lets not forget now ok, lets not use it to your advantage either cause it only makes you look ignorant. uncharted looks better than any game out on console besides MGS4 and if you cant see that then you are blind for real. play uncharted in 1080p and then play gears or cod4 in 1080p and you will see a clear difference, uncharted looks much more realistic and i believe crysis won the best graphics award btw. gears2 look better than mgs4?? how? it doesn't look that much better than gears ONE! XD

etownone3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Best graphics for consoles in 06 Gears
Best graphics for consoles in 07 COD4 and Bioshock.

You are right about one thing, Games on PS3 were no competition for Gears, especially ReFOM. But to use the excuse that ps3 only had lauch titles means nothing kid. Sony made all these promises and people paid over 600 bucks but the ps3 did not delivery. Go ahead, blame it on developers too if you want. Tell me, how come Xbox came out with the launch title of Halo and it went on to be one of the greatest games ever? And the 360 had the launch title of COD2 which which is also considered by many one of the best games of 05 and made a name for Infinity Ward. But because your a sony fan, you gotta find excuses... pathetic!!

I played uncharted and it is NOT the best looking game on consoles. I understand being a PS3 owner and how frustrating It may be to keep seeing games on the 360 that outshine what the "power of the cell" and blu-ray can do......I mean, I could always pull out metacritic scores and easily put you in your place, but lets just look at what the most trusted website says about your precious Uncharted that won ZERO awards for best graphics in 07:

IGN - Uncharted
9.0 Graphics
There's no doubt the game looks great and that the use of in-game assets for the movies is seamless transition, but there's still a fair amount of screen tearing and texture pop in.

10 Graphics
From top to bottom, one of the best-looking console games around.

IGN - Gears of War
10 Graphics
The most beautiful game on the Xbox 360. Amazing attention to detail and vibrant, diverse environments make for a feast for the eyes, even on a standard-definition set.

and posted, i'll be sure to look you up next year when Gears 2 win most of the best graphics for consoles for 08. MGS4 does NOT look better than Gears 2, just saying so shows how ignorant you truly are.

PoSTedUP3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

you can call me ignorant but you know that's not true. uncharted looks better than gears and cod4, in textures and lighting because i have played all three in high deff and uncharted wins hands down, who cares what the review sites say, oh yea, you do, because they are biased in your favor. if that's the only fire power you have then i would just shut it, you know most review sites are biased towards the ps3 and thats a fact dude, pulling review scores doesn't work man, you gotta come harder than that or else you look weak ya know. you probably never played uncharted in high deff. just go on about your bizzness man you aint gunna get no where with me here.

look me up son.

and if its a matter of an opinion..... then sheeeet, i guess no1 is right.

BobDog3686d ago

ur mis informed, the graphics of lair was exactly the same for cinimatics and gameplay

so personally i think lair had great gameplay graphics and crap cinimatics

but my opinion is i liked lair ^^

etownone3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

hahahaha.... your excuses are priceless. You made me laugh, i'll give you that. I forget sometimes that there is a conspiracy and MS has paid everyone to be "biased"

first you say "cmon dude. the media was EXTREMELY biased against the ps3"

and now you say " you know most review sites are biased towards the ps3 and thats a fact dude, pulling review scores doesn't work man,"

let me ask you something, are you one of the chumps that believed the hype for Lair and purchased it? or did you read one review, or the combined average from all the reviews from all the respectable websites and magazines into one score on and made an informed desicion?

Judging by the sales of Lair, i'm not the only one that follows reviews kid.

I understand though, most ps3 owners, such as yourself, choose to ignore review scores because it's just too painfull to accept the ps3 has only ONE AAA game. hahahaha....

DiabloRising3686d ago

If reviews, which are a person's opinion, are now fact, well I'll just leave this little tidbit from IGN for you.

MGS4 - 10 Graphics
Incredibly detailed and visually breathtaking, with amazing camera angles, MGS4 is one of the most BEAUTIFUL TITLES EVER MADE.

I also fail to see your point about Bioshock or CoD4, since both are on the PS3 as well. UT3 is on the PS3 as well, which looks just as good, if not better, than Gears.

Seriously people, you can be so pathetically trite. You let Gametrailers, which has been caught before lying outright, start these flame wars. Then you waste good time that could be spent playing Halo or Uncharted or Gears or MGS arguing over stupid things. I also love how so many people dumb down graphics into this all inclusive blanket term. There is more to graphics than just, well, "graphics." Animation. Texture detail. Particle effects. Framerate.

Does Gears 2 look great? Sure does. Nice textures. But animation? Needs work. The art style is derivative of UT3 and not my style. Resistance 2? HUGE scale, very impressive with tons of things going on at once. Texture detail? Not as solid as some other titles, but not bad. Uncharted? Amazing animation in game. Some screen tearing. Halo 3? Nice, colorful, but overall somewhat empty and poorly designed.

All games visuals have pros and cons. Saying "best graphics" is not only beyond stupid, but also a disservice to the different artists, animators, particle creators, etc who work on making these visuals a cohesive whole.

The PS3 and 360 are about on par.Some 360 games look better, some PS3 games look better. In the end, enjoy the games, stop comparing titles that have no reason to be compared, like Resistance 2 with its focus on HUGE SCALE and Gears 2 with its focus on POP AND STOP UP CLOSE GRIT and just ENJOY the ****ing games!

Or, continue being fanboys, w/e works for you.

etownone3686d ago

If you bothered to read my first comment, i was responding to a sonyfan saying

"Superioty for Sony was always in graphics,"

thus my reason for pointed out COD4 and Bioshock which won most of the awards for best graphics in 2007, and NOT the exclusive that every sonyfan have convinced themselves has the best graphics, uncharted.

And I agree MGS4 is a great looking game, and i'm sure it will be a contender this year, it's the only AAA exclusive PS3 released so far and it was their biggest gun for 07..... why dont we just wait for the reviews for Gears 2, and THEN we can compare it MS's biggest gun.

DiabloRising3686d ago

I'm sorry but, I don't judge AAA status by OTHER people's opinions. IE reviews, nor sales, nor media hype and marketing. If that works for you, then don't question why we have Moutain Dew tie ins for certain FPSs. I also don't need to wait for reviews to know a title released later on from a dev team that makes engines as its bread and butter is going to look great. But thankfully, it's not going to sour my OTHER gaming experiences, like it will for most people here.

I just think its funny that people cling to Gears of War being the best looking game ever, when everything in most U3 engine games (on PC, PS3, 360) look like they are covered in vaseline. Perhaps the gaming public just falls for bloom lighting and abused specular maps. Good for them.

And yes, Sony fanboys are just as bad. It comes down to the dev team, not just the hardware.

Why o why3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

grow a pair mate.

use your EYES not a review score. Why would ps3 or self respecting 360 fans trust reviews after what we've seen over the last 2 years. How can we trust metacritic really. How can mgs4 get over 100 perfect scores yet it has a lower score than games i shall leave nameless. Metacritic is fundamentally floored, our games industry on the media side is floored. My point is you should trust your eyes and even those are floored as I see a green sparkle in your eye. Best graphics was gears one. Best art direction was Bioshock IMO but then Uncharted stepped up the graphichs on sheer scale on environments alone. GT5p best graphics FULL fcuking STOP. The fact that it has been developed for eons is null and weak as too human was also in development for a long time and if Alan wake becomes a graphical monster im sure you 360 guys wont be talking about its dev time just how great the graphics are. You just have to take this one on the chin fellas; PS3 exclusives look better than 360's 1s.

I expected more from the 360 because people keep telling me its SOO easy to dev for yet most of the exclusives have issues and dont look better than their competitions exclusives.


Unreal engine WAS nice but now its tired and overused. The industry has moved on.

"the only AAA game that has been released" yeah mate....grow a pair 4 real. The media's lies wont stop the ps3 jaggenaut. Im sure you can see that right

robep33686d ago

WOW would never have thought a 360 user would mention GEARS,yes it looks good but its a bit of a con really. Stick hi res rextures on the characters etc on the foreground exaggerate the depth of field effect you get an effect which looks good BUT its the unreal engine it could be done on the PS3 like it has been done on the PC. Since Motorstorm only used a fraction of the PS3 power, Pures backgrounds look good but they are not as good as the MS2 PR backgrounds and PURE only has one vehicle so I would say you are being a bit deluded in saying PURE is better aslo the videos of MS2 PR are at 80% you loose!!! COD4 looks the same on both machines! Bioshock will as well!


ape0073686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

when I just look at killzone 2,I just said,oh my gears looks crap

when I went to check videos at gt this e3,after I saw both games,I said wow gears 2 really looks bad in comparison only,but it's looks great without comparing it to killzone 2

killzone2 might be the best looking game ever

Why o why3686d ago

what game looks better than K2? I can only assume that your disagree is because you said it makes g2 look like crap. It doesnt look like crap but its not far removed from the original which was graphically great at that time.

BabyStomper50003686d ago

Oh my god guys SHUT UP! Reading your comments is like being bukkake'd with stupid.

waltercross3686d ago

Awesome posts, bubbles up+, I Tried to give you 2
bubbles but couldn't...LOL

I Don't think Gametrailer is so biased anymore
though, Also I think Developers are getting a grasp
around the PS3 and now Multiplat games are almost
nearly Identicle.

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PoSTedUP3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

pause it when darthvader takes the lightsabre away from the kid (when its a close up of his shirt) you will see the shirt is way more detailed and has more textures on the ps3 side. good to see the tides changing. BUT THIS DOESNT MEAN THE 360 VERSION IS UNPLAYABLE, its not that big of a difference so everyone will enjoy the game no matter what. just take notice of how things are changing...... gameplay looks pretty similar too though....

chanto233687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

i noticed the exact same thing...

Immortal Kaim3686d ago

I cant believe you people, we are resorting to pausing a game just to try and pick up a minute difference, play the f'n game people, who cares if there is a minuscule texture difference.

Gam713686d ago

Then I'll have to take your bubbles for the mispost.

I'm sorry but it's the only way you'll learn.

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Jamegohanssj53687d ago

Oh hell here we go again.


TheHater3687d ago

gametrailer is back at it again. I guess that they only way they can get hits on their site

ReBurn3687d ago

I bought the PS3 version. I played both demos and I liked how the PS3 version felt better. Graphically identical, but the PS3 controller just worked better for me.

sak5003687d ago

You might be having hands of 10 year old than. The last time i felt comfortable using ps1/2/3 controller was maybe 10 years ago.

Parapraxis3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

or maybe you got some over-sized ape hands sak500?

what a pointless thing to say.

sak5003687d ago


Go play with your dolls kid. U are what a 4' dwarf?

DaTruth3687d ago

Go play with your sak, Sak

Bathyj3687d ago

I'm 6'3 and my hands are not small. I prefer the PS controller too. Is there something wrong with that?

Better buttons, better button layout, better Dpad, more comfortable and just feels better. Plus if you drop it it does feel like it will brake or crack your tiles. And did I tell you how much I save on batteries. And why do we need offset sticks? Are your thumbs offset? My hand are symetrical.

poopsack3687d ago

nice comeback sak, no wait, no that sucked horribly,

Immortal Kaim3686d ago

It's called personal preference, each controller has its good and bad points.

I thought the gamerzone was meant to be free of fanboys?

Closing3686d ago

I'm 6'2, and the PS controllers feel fine to me.


I'm 6'8" and have size 17 shoes and prefer the PS3 DualShock 3/Sixaxis over the 360 controller by a longshot!

360's makes my hands cramp up so damn much with the left stick and trigger so close!

The PS3's is PERFECT! I love it! No cramping just comfortable controls and smooth analog stick precision - That's what dreams are made of!

BobDog3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

well im 6 foot 3 and prefer ps3 controllers aswell lol

wow every1 in the n4g community are really tall, i think u guys getting mixed up with 5 foot something and 6 foot something. every1 that i know that are 6 foot 8 or taller play basketball.

or from this i might conclude the general height of a male is 6 foot 4?

specialguest3686d ago

...oh shiet, oops! I mean I'm 6'0 and I prefer the PS3 controller too!


well, i am 5".9 and shoe size is 11.
i like the 360 pad more, especially for shooters.

so, it seems my hight is the reason then lol.

waltercross3686d ago

I To am 6.3, what the heck?, This is one TALL world!.
I Prefer the PS3 Controller over the XBOX 1 Controller, can't
say nothing about the 360 Controller, never held it.

poopsack3686d ago

im 3 feet tall everyone is bigger than me until i get mushrooms and both PS3 and 360 controllers suck, wiimote all the way.

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