PS3 Bladestorm & Fatal Inertia delayed

Koei announces some slippage to two titles expected around console launch time.

The developer has announced today that the European PlayStation 3 launch of the futuristic racer Fatal Inertia and medieval hack'n slash Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War will now take place in summer 2007 rather than around launch time in March.

According to Koei the delay will ensure that, " Koei's development teams will continue to work on these titles up until release to ensure the highest levels of quality possible."

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nice_cuppa5226d ago

thats what will sell the most units for koei

THWIP5225d ago

Unless the games are simply behind schedule, there's no reason to delay release on the 360.

mucho 995226d ago

ANOTHER DELAY, WAT TEH HEL, well it's only fatal inertia, and uh... bladestorm, guess it doesn't matter

FFVIIFan5226d ago

Another delay. I know delays just happen, in general for any game and system. I'd still rather they just didn't make an announcement, or make a really long one so if they finish it they can put it out early.

MicroGamer5225d ago

they won't even give us a proper version of Dynasty Warriors, only Empires. Fanboy bastards.