PlayStation Store NA Under $5 Flash Sale Is Live, Full List Of Games Revealed

Sony is starting a brand new flash sale on the PlayStation Store today that offers a huge set of games on discount.

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792d ago
Ilovetheps4792d ago

I bought Trials Fusion and Child of Light during this sale. Considering picking up Geometry Wars 3 as well. This sale has a really good catalog though.

ziggurcat792d ago

They should rename it in Canada because there are a handful of games over $5.

PygmelionHunter792d ago

I got Dark Cloud 2, Devil May Cry HD Collection and Breath of Fire IV.

All that for a little over $10. Good Stuff.

Agent_00_Revan792d ago

All my waiting finally paid off and got Skullgirls 2nd Encore for $4.99.

On an odd note, how the hell is the Hitman HD Trilogy $4.79, and each of the games are available individually for $4.24 each?!?

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