Where is Mother 3, Anyway?

Nintendo fans have been clamoring for a worldwide Mother 3 release for ages. Now, given recent rumors and a quote from Reggie, it's more likely than ever.

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Lazybones20201733d ago

I feel that the title will make its way to the Nintendo Switch eventually. They are definitely aware of the fanbase surrounding the series and after seeing how well similar titles can do, referencing Undertale, it's only a matter of time until its release. Same thing with Metroid, I am sure they have something HUGE in the works for that franchise, they are just waiting for the perfect time.

Skaymore1732d ago

I completely agree, and hope it's sooner than later

Player3Podcast1732d ago

Here's to hoping it finally happens.

gangsta_red1732d ago

A Mother 3 and a new Metroid would seriously make me consider a Switch.

Skaymore1732d ago

I'm already sold, but they would definitely make me more confident in my decision!

General Shrooms1731d ago

Can someone explain the hype for this game? There's been an English translated rom available for figuratively forever. I don't see how anyone who has any interest in this game hasn't already played it.

Skaymore1730d ago

Personally I'd rather wait for an official release. It just feels more special for some reason. Also I've heard the emulator doesn't run great

deathtok1731d ago

I'd love to see a retail release of Earhbound Trilogy.

FreeSpeech691731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Hope they make a new Earthbound/Mother game honestly.

Skaymore1730d ago

Though Itoi unfortunately has said many times before that he has no interest in making another Mother game

Skaymore1730d ago


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