Where is Mother 3, Anyway?

Nintendo fans have been clamoring for a worldwide Mother 3 release for ages. Now, given recent rumors and a quote from Reggie, it's more likely than ever.

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Lazybones20202711d ago

I feel that the title will make its way to the Nintendo Switch eventually. They are definitely aware of the fanbase surrounding the series and after seeing how well similar titles can do, referencing Undertale, it's only a matter of time until its release. Same thing with Metroid, I am sure they have something HUGE in the works for that franchise, they are just waiting for the perfect time.

Skaymore2711d ago

I completely agree, and hope it's sooner than later

Player3Podcast2711d ago

Here's to hoping it finally happens.

gangsta_red2711d ago

A Mother 3 and a new Metroid would seriously make me consider a Switch.

Skaymore2711d ago

I'm already sold, but they would definitely make me more confident in my decision!

General Shrooms2709d ago

Can someone explain the hype for this game? There's been an English translated rom available for figuratively forever. I don't see how anyone who has any interest in this game hasn't already played it.

Skaymore2709d ago

Personally I'd rather wait for an official release. It just feels more special for some reason. Also I've heard the emulator doesn't run great

deathtok2709d ago

I'd love to see a retail release of Earhbound Trilogy.

FreeSpeech692709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Hope they make a new Earthbound/Mother game honestly.

Skaymore2709d ago

Though Itoi unfortunately has said many times before that he has no interest in making another Mother game

Skaymore2709d ago


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Xbox's Matt Booty implies Tango Gameworks closure was partly due to leadership change

Eurogamer: "Xbox's Matt Booty has spoken more on the closure of Tango Gameworks earlier this year."

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The Wood1d 23h ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )

I call BS on this. All metrics were met apparently or was that another lie. There's something deeper happening within xbox's management

GamerRN1d 15h ago

You have an inside scoop? Well don't hold back, share with us your knowledge!

AsimLionheart1d 12h ago

He is referring to this tweet by Greenberg which Spencer retweeted.


Wood is arguing that MS was either lying then when they claimed the game was a success or they are lying now by giving excuses for shutting down the studio.

The Wood1d 12h ago

What part irks you sir? My opinion that xbox has a management problem or stating xbox heads said metrics were met and the game was a success. They closed the studio that released one of xbox's most successful new ips in a very long time. There's a lie somewhere don't you think or are you the eyes wide shut type

StormSnooper1d 8h ago

I think we all have an inside scoop at this point. MS has lied so often that we all know what to expect from them.

Cacabunga1d 23h ago

It’s xbox DNA to lie and U-turns

GamerRN1d 15h ago

I love fanboy analytics too...

Thank God Sony has never lied to us! /s

Cacabunga1d 15h ago

There is a difference between lying all the time and saying fake shit and anyone else

GamerRN1d 6h ago

Ok I'll bite, what's the difference between lying and saying fake shit

DarXyde1d 21h ago

I don't know that he's lying. The heads at Xbox tend to be forthcoming in painfully indirect ways.

The article notes the exit of Shinji Mikami which I also believe was a factor, but Arkane is a different situation.

Perhaps the issue with everyone's assessment is that, because they closed around the same time, everyone assumes the reasons are the same.

Occam's razor here: Tango lost its value to Microsoft with Mikami out and Arkane just dropped the ball spectacularly.

All being said, Booty is clearly lying about one thing: the notion that anything mentioned in this interview was done "out of respect for the staff" is a bold faced lie. They closed the studio while the staff were on vacation in Japan.

Miss me with that, Booty.

Cacabunga1d 19h ago

You said "I don't know that he's lying."

And later you said:

"All being said, Booty is clearly lying "

Are you ok?

DarXyde1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

Spare me the pedantry.

I'm very clearly talking about two different things:

When it comes to telling you about the future or actions taken broadly, they're indirect, but technically not lies. The go-to example is Rise of the Tomb Raider "coming exclusively to Xbox One in 2014." That wasn't a lie, but if you don't read between the lines, you'll think that's a lie. More recently, they tout new Xbox "hardware" which is incredibly ambiguous. It's sketchy, and intentionally vague, but calling it a lie is a bit too heavy handed. In reality, they say things in a way to get you to draw incorrect conclusions and they can blame you for misinterpreting.

I'm saying I don't know how much of what Booty is saying is truthful, intentionally vague, etc.

But on the very specific issue I cite (i.e., wanting to be respectful of staff), he's being dishonest—and it is very clearly a footnote to the broader point being made.

I shouldn't have to explain that in such explicit detail, but clear enough?

SonyStyled1d 13h ago

‘Best lineup in Xbox history’ advertised during holiday season -cancels Scalebound and Fable after holiday season.

Not a lie. They had a good lineup. They just flipped the scripped after holiday season sales. What they advertised isn’t what the customer receives. Bait and switch

LoveSpuds1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

I recall seeing interviews where Shinji Mikami said he had no involvement in the development of HiFi Rush, it was a European guy who directed the game I believe.

So even if its true that Shinji leaving was a loss, closing the studio still doesn't pass the sniff test to me. They shut a great studio who had just put out Xbox' best game in years which had no input from Mikami.

MS can't help but lie, they always have, scummy company.