50% of Retailers Holding PS3 Stock

Over 50% of U.S retailers have PlayStation 3's in stock, while Wii is still almost impossible to find, according to a new report from American Technology Research analyst P.J. McNealy.

His research read, "Our channel checks of 52 retail stores, from boutiques to big-box retailers, showed that 28 of the 52 stores had PS3 consoles in stock, while none had Wii consoles in stock." One retailer had more than 60 units in stock, while most had only a few.

Sony denied that the availability of PS3 means demand for the machine is softening. Spokesman Dave Karraker told Reuters, "It isn't because demand has weakened, it is because we have kept the supply pipeline moving." The company is airlifting 100,000 machines into the country every week.

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Marty83705226d ago

Sony has ramped up production,Nintendo has'nt.Once all stockpiled Wii's had sold they would make more.Which is probably what Nintendo is doing now.PS3's are still selling out just getting restocked faster.While Wii is also selling out,but restocks are slower.

TheMART5226d ago

That's bullsh!t man

The Wii and 360 are selling, the PS3 isn't

Thats very simple. Ramped up production? If the last promised targets were met (from 6 to 4 to 2 million promised) there would be even more PS3's sitting on the shelve.

They even didn't met 2 million, but only 1 million shipped @ the end of 2006 in NA. And still not all sold.

What would have happened if they managed to get out 6 million? DAMN imagine all those millions sitting on the shelves... You couldn't enter the shops anymore because the entrance would have been blocked, even giving them away wouldn't even have helped...

MikeMichaels5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

Sony's cranking out tons of PS3 yet half of the retailers in North America have no PS3 stock.

I'd say it's selling pretty well considering production is now in full swing and there isn't a reason that 100% of stores can't have PS3's in stock.

...this is a glass half enpty, half full thing.

2 million and counting, bring on Europe and "bang" 3-4 million PS3's sold in just a few months.

ScorpioKyle5225d ago

my store recieved 16 ps3s about 3 weeks ago. To date we have only sold half of those units. interest is dying down. The only systems my store has had in stock readily are gamecubes, PS3s and Core 360s. We cannot keep any other system in stock due to demand.

MicroGamer5225d ago

Certain areas won't have stock. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. Big cities that have enough fanboys living in them to keep it sold out for a while. Everyplace else, though, where the fanboys are fewer and already have theirs, it is sitting. Once the fanboys in the densely populated areas have theirs, they will begin to build up there, too.

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Balance5226d ago

maybe where you are but here the gamestop by my house has had the same ps3s in stock for 2 weeks. they said they have sold 2 since christmas but still sell out of wiis and hd-dvd drive for the 360 the day they come in.

nice_cuppa5226d ago

its because sony have flooded the market with ps3's 2 months after launch.

not at all that they arent selling through.

well i dont remember sony ever telling us BS so i believe them. completely.

scriptkiddie5226d ago

Price is too high, i don't know anyone who plans on buying one and it is for that reason.
No one cares about blu-ray or that it is a so called "computer" they still think of it as a $600 toy

mucho 995226d ago

this site must be going for the world record of most of the same dam news every single day/ WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL POSTING THIS. OLD NEWS

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