Gears of War 2 Limited Edition Energy Drink

ButtonMasher writes: Microsoft and Demon Energy Drink are teaming up to run a promotion at the launch of Gears of War 2. The promo will include limited edition Demon Energy Drink cans and bottles as well as a competition to win the first copies of Gears of War 2 in the world

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IzKyD13315549d ago

*sigh* first the Mountain Dew "Gamer Fuel" now this....will it ever end?
answer: no

GameOn5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

What's wrong with it. The worst it can do is attract people to gaming and make people money.

Actually thats wrong. it wont attract new gamers just get people to drink un-healthy drinks.

Cajun Chicken5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

Games promotion has hit a whole new low this gen. This never used to happen, give me the old days when things weren't subliminally put into your mind due to promotions and the media.
Sometimes I feel like the lead character in 'They Live' after he puts on the shades.

NO_PUDding5549d ago

It's just they treat it as if the game doesn't matter. Any way to promote it without actual proof of the game. This is how Halo 3 sold like batshit.

Good for them, but I am fine without a game advertised till it's bollocks fall off.

SullyDrake5549d ago

Why not beer? 1-2 beer a day is proven to be good for you.

XXXCouture5549d ago

"1-2 beer a day is proven to be good for you." lol errrr, right.

ChrisGTR15549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

look, as long as the advertizements are all OUT of the game and in the REAL WORLD then its all good.the gamerfuel and all that was all outside the game advertizements. when a developer stoops so low to put an ipod, some energy drink, and a playboy mag IN GAME as items thats when you know the developers are truly pathetic and have reached a new low in video gaming.

tatotiburon5549d ago

cry all you want, in december GeOW 2 4 millions units sold, R2 hardly 2millions...the no-marketing of sony for their games is not fault of microsoft, they now how to sell games, sony don't, somebody can prove me wrong? just check MGS4 sells and Halo 3 sells

deeznuts5549d ago

XXX, err he is right.


Just because you're not old enough to drink it yet, don't hate on it!

Gotta go crack one right now

mfwahwah5549d ago

@1.8: Why are you bringing Sony into this? Really, tell me. And don't look like a fanboy while you're at it (haha, good luck).

@1.7: Ugh. In game advertisements are usually funny or fit in well with the surroundings. iPod? Used to poke fun at 360 not getting MGS4. Playboy? Funny weapon to use. Calorie Mate? Shameless advertising. I'll give you that one.

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The_Firestarter5549d ago

Seems like a pretty cool idea. That limited edition Xbox 360 sounds hot! ;)

GameOn5549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

I don't think it's a hot drink mate.

A disagree? lol, ok how about the slogan "Best served warm!"

Sitdown5549d ago

if Tropic Thunder can have "booty sweat", why not? Hahaha.

air15549d ago (Edited 5549d ago )

just give me the frikin game. dont need no damn energy drink. ill have a nice blunt that day. hhmmm now if they did a promo with that....