7 Reasons Why I Wanted to Stop Playing Too Human

Kombo writes: "By the time that I saw Too Human's credits rolling, I had realized that I had forced myself to play through the game -- a truth that speaks volumes about the design of Silicon Knight's action-RPG.

This is not a "Let's Hate on Too Human" post. I am writing this because I have genuinely wanted to verbalize some of the reasons that I seriously wanted to put the controller down while playing through Too Human and never pick it up again. The game has been out for a few weeks now, and I've long since finished it, giving me plenty of time to reflect on what I liked and disliked about it.

Below, you'll find not a list of the game's problems (such a list would be a lot longer, that's for sure), but a list of the things about Too Human that made me want to quit playing the game and never return to it."

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Rick Astley3686d ago

It's unbelievable how stupid this character looks.

Rock Bottom3685d ago

Because he was forcing himself to enjoys it.

GameForFame3686d ago

yeah I've heard this game is terrible...then a random person jumps in and says it's actually good! then again, I've heard this with Haze and numerous other games. but Haze comes to mind...first...spouted as that "super cool" exclusive which gets crazy. eh, if some folks enjoy it tho I guess it's a good thing....I guess?

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AAACE53685d ago

I lost interest in Too Human when I played the demo! I wasn't that interested in it in the first place, but I had to be fair and see what it was about.

To me, Too Human just reeked the fact that it was made for the nerd who had no life. The characters looked nerdy so that it would appeal to nerds. The gameplay was nerdy. Alot of other stuff about it just didn't feel right!

I can understand how this guy felt, cause I had to force myself to finish Crackdown long after I lost interest in it, just so I could trick myself into believing that I bought it for more than the Halo 3 beta!

pornflakes3685d ago

ALI you stupid immigrant.

I bet you never played too Human. ok, the game is a little bit short and i also dont know why it took 10 years for a game with so many bugs.

BUT.. playing too human via XBL makes fun as hell. i Played the game 55 hours.. made two lvl50 chars, one lvl 37 and then i got bored after so many hours spend with this game.

so stfu

juuken3685d ago

Wouldn't you rather wait for Gears 2?

The game looks bad. You don't need to play it to know what type of game it is.

I smelled a Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, and God of War ripoff a mile away.

3685d ago
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