Cnet Review: Zune 120 (third generation)

Slowly but surely, Microsoft's Zune is staking its claim as a legitimate alternative to Apple's iPod line of MP3 players. Last year, Microsoft focused its efforts on overhauling the Zune's hardware and public image. This year, Microsoft has turned its attention to improving the Zune firmware and desktop software, while updating the storage capacity and pricing of new models to stay competitive.

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Capt CHAOS3685d ago

there wasn't so much snobbery attached to it. For now, I'll stick to a standard mp3 player.. creative will do..

N4GayFanturds3685d ago

Actually blows away an iPod! If you have big hands like me, then you'd prefer this to the iTouch-especially if you have a smartphone for mobile internet access. It has a 3.2" screen compared to iTouch's 3.5", better use of wifi (syncing from anywhere is great!). And still, it blows away the capacity of the iTouch.

And it definetly blows away the new 120Gb iPod in screen size, and features. And the Zune software is YEARS better than iTunes! The coolest thing I like is when MS updates the firmware/software-it makes the device brand new again!

It's def worth a look if you are thinking about buying an iPod/iTouch.

Zinswin3685d ago

It's worth it to go and look at the new Zunes. I have an original and an 8gb andboth still work great. The best thing about the software upgrade is that is upgrades ALL Zunes. I can now download music wirelessly to my original Zune. How cool is that?

Reibooi3685d ago

I thinking of Upgrading my 30gig to either 80 or 120gigs. I have had the best experience with my Zune30 It was great after having a horrible one with the Ipod. Personally I don't know why people pick on the Zune. I think it's quickly catching up to Ipod and in some ways it has already surpassed Ipod.

mirroredderorrim3685d ago

I have put the Zune down so much. I can't say anything that has not already been said; except maybe "good luck"

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