GamesRadar: See us hitting Rock Band 2 cymbals rhythmically with sticks

We here at GamesRadar do very little peripheral coverage – mostly because most of it's crap. However, when Mad Catz rolled in yesterday with a metric ton of legitimately awesome Rock Band 2 gear, including the long-awaited cymbals, we decided to make an exception. Did you think you were done spending money on Rock Band stuff? That was silly of you. Watch these videos and see how wrong you were.

First things first: These are the official Rock Band 2 cymbals. There is no Harmonix version. These are it. You can buy one, two, or all three cymbals and their heights can be adjusted to suit your whims. You can hit them any time you're asked to hit the drum head of the same color (blue, yellow, or green). However, the game can actually tell whether you're hitting a cymbal or a drum, so during free play mode or the moments when you get to play freestyle during those Overdrive fills, you'll hear cymbal sounds when you hit them.

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ropelli903774d ago

but can somebody confirm that the cymbals work also on Rock band 1... i'm planning to export rb2 drums and cymbals, but here in europe we don't have rb2...