David Braben on all things PC. Including the P Word

Rock, Paper Shotgun writes: "Towards the end of July, at the Develop conference, we took a much-needed break from listening to design paradigm analysis to have a coffee with Frontier Developments' David Braben. He's one of the living legends of the industry - one word:Elite - and it was a welcome chance to casually pick over the issues of the day. So, yes, the P-word features strongly."

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Perjoss3687d ago

It would be so nice to get a screen shot of Elite 4, or some details. Of course this would not prove that its not vapor ware, but it would be real nice for all us Elite fans. Seeing as info even for The Outsider is pretty dry these days looks like the Elite 4 info could be a very long way off. Very nice work on Lostwinds though! proves that frontier can deliver quality games.

Charmers3686d ago

I think Mr Braben should do the world a favour and shut the hell up. I loved what he said here though :-

"Our last game, ThrillVille: Off The Rails, sold almost nothing on PC, but did sell on other platforms."

I would like to assure Mr Braben I did not pirate his attrociously average rollercoaster tycoon rip off, infact this is the first I have actually heard about it. Here is a clue for you Mr Braben when you do a game don't make it all cutesy and try to appeal to 8 year olds then scream murder when 30 year old PC gamers don't buy your game.

Now should Mr Braben ever get around to producing a DECENT game I am sure most PC gamers will be more than happy to throw money his way, however till that day I think he should shut up and get on with producing something worth buying.