Sony's silence on PlayStation VR could spell trouble for the fledgling market

Sony isn't really talking about VR and it recently killed a game studio behind one of its most popular VR titles. How should we interpret the company's silence, and what does it mean for the future of VR development?

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Derceto2508d ago

VR is only appearing troubling now? For this reason? This thing was troubled from the get-go.

IamTylerDurden12508d ago

You're uninformed if you don't realize that PSVR has had manufacturing issues and thus was unavailable for months. Restocks are only just starting to come now. Sony pulled advertising this holiday and eased off the gas bc why would you advertise a product that ppl can't buy? It will ramp back up with RE7, Farpoint, Golem, AC7, Starblood Arena, Dirt Rally, GT Sport, ect.

SonyWarrior2508d ago

if farpoint is a hit PSVR will explode off the shelves its missing a game like that

bouzebbal2508d ago

It is true it was out of stock for a while, but I'll wait to see if it will pick at some point but I really don't think so. They haven't revealed a single game since e3 I believe

Nintendo4Lifex2508d ago

So regular titles that would hinder my gaming experience with awful vr. Yep seems legit.

freshslicepizza2508d ago

then why doesn't sony say its sold out and give numbers to how much they supplied?

_-EDMIX-_2508d ago

Agreed if anything I think people should wait for the next iteration on PS5.

VR is still a fairly new market. PlayStation VR is not going to single-handedly determine the failure or success of the medium....

For all we know Playstation VR2 will make much more sense than the first.

esmittystud1012508d ago

Let's be honost.......they only shove a few out at launch.......it drives demand up when they do that.

Example (unrelated):

When there is a flu shot shortage everyone wants one. When they have plenty around no one gives a sh*t.

dcbronco2508d ago

You don't stop advertising if a product has low availability during the holidays, many products aren't available. You stop if you're doing a relaunch later once you get games or if you've lost confidence in the product. Or given gaming is still Sony's biggest draw right now you don't want to waste money before you have games.

Kleptic2508d ago

@Tyler, as others mentioned...if that was the case Sony would be thumping their chest about it. Why advertise a device that people can't buy?...I can't tell if serious...Google has been pushing their pixel phones for nearly 5 months now, yet they've been out of stock more often than not. Hardware publishers/manufacturers don't 'ease off the gas' to quench demand when the problems are supply chain logistical. They ease off the gas when the marketing and advertising expenses aren't turning into revenues...

Nearly every review left testers underwhelmed...There are so many question marks surrounding the notion of 'will this work in the space i have available' that any informed consumer has pumped the brakes a bit. Sony's stance of going quite for the time being points back to the EXACT same situations surrounding Move. It's looking more and more like yet another mid-gen peripheral that get's thrown at the wall with the makers questioning if it'll stick just as much as the users. Happens nearly every gen.

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Erik73572508d ago

I laugh when I hear people call Switch gimmicky when we see this VR thing that so far is disastrous for gaming and only a fun tech demo.

MRMagoo1232508d ago

the whole switch console is a gimmick, psvr isn't mandatory and it's outsold the competitions vr on release calling that a disaster then praising Nintendo is only something a fool would do.

DeadlyOreo2508d ago

People don't call the Switch gimmicky. They call it downright garbage. VR is far from that.

OpinionSmasher2508d ago

If you bought psvr day 1 I'm sorry but that was stupid. No AAA game support and don't you dare say Rigs is a AAA game (p.s. that company closed the other day so theres that evidence). The only good game on PSVR is gonna be resident evil and even if that can get pushed by psvr if you thought you were gonna be able to do that on a base ps4 you are wrong. if you want a real VR experience you have to get a PS4 pro and the headset so basically 1000$. At that price they've overblown what the headset can do and at that price Oculus is a much more complete option. If anything fucking Gear VR is miles better than PSVR and thats running on a fucking phone and its 100$.

moegooner882508d ago

You don't have a clue about what you are saying, do you ?

OpinionSmasher2508d ago

the whole switch console is a gimmick????? Wow................just wow.

hirobrotagonist2508d ago

Yeah it'll be a fun tech demo when I'm playing Resident Evil 7 and Fallout 4 on my Vive with 90fps

Mrveryodd2508d ago

They will probably sell more psvr than the switch ... Lots of my friends are into vr ... Most likely porn I bet 😊.... None are into switch as they all have mobile devices that play games .... There thousand dollar phones

eferreira2508d ago

PSVR's launch lineup is bigger than Nintendo calendar year. Don't knock it till you try it. Also you're the one saying he rumble is revolutionary and better for games then vr

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Kingcorey132508d ago

Well you obviously don't have one... it's been out for 3 months it has like 30 plus games.. every person who has played mine leaves my house amazed. It's a new way to play games.. there's nothing wrong with that... it's fun.. that's all that matters.

Aenea2508d ago

I rather play with PSVR than pretend to milk some cows 😜

FreeSpeech692508d ago

Compare 1 2 Switch with any AAA VR Game. Nintendo makes gimmicks, Sony makes Real Games.

rocketpanda2508d ago

VR is optional. The Switch is a core system. If PSVR, Occulus or Vive fails, you still have a system to play as usual.

If a console fails then you have nothing.

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trooper_2508d ago

Lol, VR is gimmicky when it's sold a good amount of units?

You're funny.

Personally, I think this is another failed attempt to bash VR.

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bouzebbal2507d ago

At least it's fun huh?
what's fun in doing matchmaking and getting a phone call at the same time?
Go to bed!

Kokyu2507d ago

Most of the launch date "games" on Switch are tech demos.

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Uken122507d ago

Switch isn't a gimmick. Technically none of them are gimmicks, they become gimmicks when they aren't utilized. Switch will be utilized for what it is marketed as.
VR just isn't there yet and untrustworthy. A screen right in my eyes? I'm not sure I want that. Also there are moral aspects that come into play with people. The isolation from reality, how does effect peoples minds, emotions and social lives. VR truly is a different world so it will need time to be successful.
It isn't disastrous, nor a gimmick. just not there and not nearly as profitable for companies.

Why are people comparing VR to a console? Quit being illogical. Different things people. Quit using N4G to release your fanboy rage. See a therapist.

SharnOfTheDEAD2507d ago

This made me lol "I rather play with PSVR than pretend to milk some cows 😜"

PSVR has quite a lot of good games, Battlezone is fun, Rigs is fun, Rush of Blood, Batman etc Sure Sony closed down a studio but I can see why, you check out some game play for Rigs on youtube and it looks pretty dull which probably didn't help 1st impressions, I actually picked Battlezone over it, but when you're playing it, damn it's pretty awesome. VR is far from awful, people claiming that are just clutching at straws.

Gr8saiyaman882507d ago

Shhh! This is N4G, you can't talk bad about anything Sony is pushing or else you'll get downvoted : p

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Artemidorus2508d ago

Funny because people on here disagreed with me when I said it's a gimmick that will be in the background by the end of 2017.

It's obivous it's not quite there