Sony: No Video Sharing in Home Beta

Chris Kohler of Wired writes: "Remember how you were going to be able to invite other PlayStation 3 owners to your virtual apartment in Home, then watch videos together? That's not happening, at least not in the "open beta.""

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Parapraxis3683d ago

Wired nor kotaku provided a source for Jack Bauer's statement. I'll wait and see what the real word is on this thanks. It doesn't sound impossible, and due to potential copywrite issues it's not beyond reason, however the story seems pretty baseless until an official statement has been made.
If I missed something (IE: an official statement) let me know, but as of late many stories are being based of off very little facts and a lot of speculation. Wired is a pretty credible source, however nowhere in the article did the author state "Jack Bauer told US", they used the words "Jack Bauer said" so It's possible this is being based off an interview or quote from another source (which we do not yet know of).

sonarus3683d ago

Well is music sharing in the beta cus i tried that and couldn't figure out what to do

Parapraxis3683d ago

because they don't want an official source or they are just sore that HOME is PS3 only?

aceitman3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

its liiiiiiiivvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee update is available now 1.30 bike and weather and 24 hr sky for ps3

Final_Rpg3683d ago

Lmao, how can people disagree with a question? It makes no sense...

BabyStomper50003682d ago

The same way they can disagree with all the boners I get for Fallout 3. I swear they're real!! I wouldn't make something up like that.

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Omega43683d ago

Thats quite a blow to HOME feature set, since you can share pictures, videos (not sure about music) in The New Xbox 360 Experience Party System so i doubt copyright is much of an issue, must be more to do with the HOME system itself

Genesis53683d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with copy rights. I think it might have more to do with what kind of material will be shared. There are a lot weird people in this world and a lot of children with video game consoles. I hope MS has a plan in place to insure that inappropiate content is not piped out to those that should not be veiwing it.

cereal_killa3683d ago

So true Genesis5 with several article I've read about how pedophiles are using Video game systems as a way to lure children to meet with them for god knows what I'm glad there not doing this sort of stuff this would be a haven for wackos swapping porn via home without any way of being watched over what get sent to one n other

Final_Rpg3683d ago

Maybe they should allow video sharing for people only over the age of 18? And they'd have to prove with a credit card or something of the like. I'm only 17, but by the time home comes out I should be 18 haha.

Probably not actually, since it's dated for the end of the year. I've got a feeling Sony will keep their word. They kind of have to as to make sure XBL doesn't get another competitive advantage with its Xbox live experience. Home looks alot better than Avatars I believe, I don't even think 360 owners could lie to themselves about that.

vickers5003683d ago

Idk, this was my most anticipated feature. If it does not come in the full version in some way, then I will never use Home again.

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Relcom3683d ago

This was probably gonna be one of the most used features i would use. My friends(on friends list) should be devistated. We were gonna watch Naruto Shippuuden episodes together on fridays.

Oh well what can you do, it is free after all.

LoVeRSaMa3683d ago


Naruto is fine to watch (Not the Gimped US version).

Final_Rpg3683d ago

I love Naruto Shippuuden! Next week is hour long special haha.
The English dub is unwatchable, it shouldn't even be considered as part of the show. Honestly, it ruins the experience entirely. The one thing I commend them on is keeping the soundtrack, but I think that was because of laziness rather than trying to keep the authenticity of the show. Plus, they ruin all the dialogue so that is more adaptable to the western world. It's like its a completely different show following a similar plot.

Back on topic, it would be awesome to be able to share things like that with friends. But don't lie and say that all of you PlayStation owners wouldn't share inappropriate material at least once! I think we all know that you'd only be lying to yourself, I for one know better than to think that this video sharing community will remain completely innocent.

I think it's sort of stupid that they might ban this function because of video sharing abuse. It's available on the PC with an internet connection, it's not as if Sony will be the first or main offender in this issue. If this issue had been dealt with across the board, then yes I would agree to keep it out of Home. But since it hasn't been I can only say to not remove this feature. I don't feel like Sony's service should be gimped for a feature that is already used A LOT elsewhere.

Oh, and I know the reason that they possibly will not allow the feature to remain is because of the damn Media that will blow this whole issue out of proportion and exacerbate it to a point where this feature will end up hurting Sony. Especially in the eyes of parents, their eyes are so judgmental!

Jamegohanssj53683d ago

Home Beta! Beta! What part of beta isn't understood.


thor3683d ago

Yup and a beta's all we'll see this year. I would like anyone who disagrees to point me to a source where they explicitly state that we will see the FULL, NON-BETA version of home this year. All I have seen is them saying "home is coming this year" or "you'll get your hands on home this year". That could quite happily be referring to the open beta.

MAiKU3683d ago


at least someone gets it. Expect trolls to get the jump on this article.

thor3683d ago

Sony have taken home in the wrong direction. WHAT are they doing? They keep just redesigning the home square. They add things like bubble machines and video screens showing short clips of trailers for games that we can see online anyway. That is NOT what they should be concentrating on. The whole home "project" was not thought through at the beginning. Someone said, "How about a virtual world where you can meet fellow gamers?" and everyone kind of went along with it, creating this virtual world without THINKING what it would turn out to be.

Video sharing could have been a great feature. Game launching and game spaces for EVERY GAME would have really made home something special. But rather than consider that people MIGHT, just MIGHT want to launch into games from home, they haven't realised this until this year. They could have easily forced upon developers of online games a universal system whereby you could specify parameters for your game and it would launch into it. At the moment it has to be implemented specially by the devs at great expense and effort to get a fully integrated system.

There is a definite lack of coherence with the PS3, I'll list some things here:
Trophy Support
Custom soundtracks
Voice chat
Friends lists (some games only show 50 friends, it's not under one universal system)
Game invites
The way updates/patches are handled from game to game
Dualshocks and SKUs (some now have the SAME HD capacity but lack BC)
Home game launching and game spaces

If sony had truly planned home, as well as the PS3's features, none of these things would have got this way. What about 3D trophy collections? There has not even been any word of that. And most likely, not ALL games that have trophies will support 3D trophies.

jwatt3683d ago

I don't think they're taking it in the wrong direction I just feel like they haven't added much since the delay. Of course they did alot of polishing and fixed bugs but I was expecting to hear more about new features added to Home since the delay. Earlier this year I was hyped for both LBP and Home but my Hype for Home has died down alot.

I still can't wait for Home but what would really get me hype for Home again is to see a plethora of games to play in Home from arcade games to games like chess, Jeopardy, basketball, dodgeball and even crazy stuff like paintball. In Home there should be a live screen that keeps you updated about things that are going on in the ps3 community sort of like the poll bar from cops 2.0 where you can see good poll questions.

Poirot93683d ago

Well, I love my PS3 and it really hurts to admit this, by I agree with you to a certain exten, Thor. There IS a lack of coherence and communication between the PR people and the Devs and it IS leading to fudged up promises and services.

But I would say that the main issue is that all of these services are coming after the launch of the PS3 and they therefore have to be added in "on the fly" (so to speak). It's very difficult to implement something and then have all games (previously released and upcoming) suddenly support this feature.

The 360 had the good fortune and the foresight to launch with a lot of these features, so, as a result, they are much more unified across all games. But it's not all roses for the 360. It did NOT have the foresight to launch with an HDD and now its patrons are suffering varying degrees of confusion as games are beginning to have mandatory installs. It did NOT launch with an HD disc reader and now devs are beginning to complain about lack of room (it's just starting, but it's enough to sow confusion in the ranks).

So, yeah, it's hard to add things in on the fly, but Sony is trying and I respect them for that.

Final_Rpg3683d ago

"There is a definite lack of coherence with the PS3, I'll list some things here:
Trophy Support
Custom soundtracks
Voice chat
Friends lists (some games only show 50 friends, it's not under one universal system)
Game invites
The way updates/patches are handled from game to game
Dualshocks and SKUs (some now have the SAME HD capacity but lack BC)
Home game launching and game spaces"

In case you hadn't notice I think the friends list has increased by double+. But we definitely need voice chat across all games. We need custom across all games also or not there at all. These custom soundtracks have become a feature you can see but can't use. It's very frustrating to know something that could be working isn't. I don't think developers need to put forward a code to be using in game soundtracks. One thing I don't see why there is such a mass fuss over is game invites? They would be nice, but are far from a necessity like some of the other features you listed. What is it? Two extra clicks of the button to enter a game manually? The only problem is finding you're friends but the best online games help with that nowadays anyway. Not saying it wouldn't be a nice feature but I think fans only want as to take another exclusive feature away from live.

But you know what PlayStation owners? All of us need to keep stating what we want and make sure that we are seen and heard by Sony so that they can see what their customers want and deserve (maybe not so much deserve). If we do this, I'm sure we will make at least a few more of these features come to fruition in the foreseeable future.

thor3683d ago

Yes the friends list has increased by double. What I meant, is that some games don't realise. I don't have 50 friends :( but I hear that e.g. warhawk will only show 50 friends in its list, rather than the full 100.

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