LittleBigPlanet: This Gamer Fails At Creating A Horse

GameXtract writes "Sackboy, and LittleBigPlanet are making a big impact. Partially because the company has been able to bring both casual gamers, and hardcore together, but one question alot of users are wondering is just how easy is the creation system. Apparently its not as easy as it looks as this video we have for you today shows a gamer failing at constructing a moving horse. Whats even worse? It dosen't have a head! I guess this bud going to need to need some serious LittleBigPlanet lessons. I just hope creating my vision of a flying hippo won't take rocket science and intense calculations. Video after the jump!"

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PoSTedUP3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

oh man that was a good laugh.....

Amnesiac3735d ago

Are those guys trying to build a wussy Gekko?!?!?

Sitdown3735d ago

For some reason...that thing is freaky..........and I kept expecting it to go into attack mode. Haha. And that buzzing sound made it seem like it should have been in a low budget horror film........thanks, I probably will have nightmares about it tonight, it just seemed so eerie.

RussDeBuss3735d ago

that things gonna give me nightmares, it just has a freaky way it bobs around, and that buzzin sound. Its like somethingout of half life or doom.


himdeel3735d ago can just wait for other people to create some nice levels and just play theirs. I'm SURE there will be plenty of levels to download within the first week. Hell I'm sure there are some SUPER excited people sketching some levels that they cannot wait to create.

Some people will become famous for their detailed and fun level design with people begging them for more while some will become infamous and we'll wonder why they even booted up the game. The people in this video would be in the infamous category, until they learn to add 2 more legs for this so-called headless horse or a few more attachments so the movement on the legs are a bit more restricted.

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Cajun Chicken3735d ago

Don't create a horse then.
Start from the basics and then work up, like anything.

Genesis53735d ago

Yeah really. It's called have a little patience and learn how to do it.

Sangria3735d ago

Title: This guy fails at creating a horse.

>> Fixed.
A horse is not three sticks linked together, if you want a highly-sophisticated animation, you'll need a highly-sophisticated work, it works with LBP too.

I'm pretty sure it would be much more horse-look-alike if he made 2 sticks per legs and linking the bottom to edge of wheels (of some kind of small skateboard).

Use your imagination !

Amnesiac3735d ago

You really have no life do you?

Blademask3735d ago

I idolize Thom Yorke and his glass eye. heyyy I'm not alone!

Amnesiac3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

And for what it's worth, he doesn't have a glass eye. That's cute though, that you know who my avatar is a picture of, and that you know a little tid-bit about him.(Even though it's untrue)

popup3735d ago

If perfection was that easy on this game then there would be no pecking order. This way, people can worship perfection and strive to learn and better their skills.

iHEARTboobs3734d ago

Did you expect people to replicate the space station in the game on the first day? Give me a break.

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NewSchoolGamer3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

fails this hard I'll give a Littlebigb****slap as shown in some gameplay trailers.

Cenobia3735d ago

Gotta keep that Sackboy pimp-hand strong.

Liquid_Ocelot3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

ROFL!! SackPimp FTW!!

Bubbles for the laugh(both of ya'll)

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