GameSpot: NBA 2K9 Updated Hands-On

NBA 2K series fans, prepare yourselves for the 2K Insider because he's going to have a big effect on the future of your favorite basketball series. The mystery blogger/statistician/arbiter of all things NBA 2K will make his first appearance in the upcoming NBA 2K9 as the centerpiece of a new online feature the developers behind the game are calling Living Rosters. GameSpot had a chance to get a sneak peek at the Living Rosters feature, chat about the 2K Insider, and get a feel for the new franchise mode in NBA 2K9 during a visit by 2K Sports developers earlier this week.

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The Dark Side3774d ago

NBA 2k is the best basketball video game ever. The other competition will never catch up. I always say if you a pure basketball fan than you appreciate the NBA 2k franchise, because it is made for the basketball purist. And, this year new features prove it. I can not wait to play the frachise mode.