UK deal: Gears 2 and replica gold lancer for £129

XB360F: "Not to be confused with the Gears of War 2 in-game gold plated Lancer, UK retailer gamestation is offering diehard fans the chance to own a replica gold painted Gears Lancer. The same toy Lancer that's available exclusively on, but with a fancy gold paint scheme. If you're interested in owning one of these bundles, you better start saving up already. The Gears of War 2 gold plated Lancer bundle (collector's edition plus Lancer) will set you back a hefty £129."

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Cajun Chicken3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Hasn't anyone noticed that the following behind this franchise has totally been taken out of proportion?

Anyone who spends that sort of money on a bundle like this is a fool.
That's what?..£50 more than the really cool GTAIV pack. Jeez.
Even the normal chainsaw is far fetched, I mean, Gears is NO Star Wars or even Halo for that matter.
The Daily Mail will go crazy for this type of thing;
'Game Retailer Encouraging Selling of Toy Guns with Chainsaws To Teenagers'
Imagine it now. Jeez, you thought shooting up a Manchester church was bad.

I'm going to love walking into Gamestation and buying Resistance2 instead as they have the same day of release.
I'll wait for the reviews of Gears2 or rent it after last time, thankyou.

I'm allowed opinion on what games are 'AAA', I don't like being TOLD, I'm not one for following a crowd.

GameOn3686d ago

Every one has an opinion. But that's all it is.

fufotrufo3686d ago

Actually you should wait till next day to happily pick up resistance 2..cus the infernal line of people waiting to buy Gears 2 its going to be nasty haha

Laexerias3686d ago

Still it is a nice toy.

tocrazed4you3686d ago

That is way to expensive it was like when the first 20gig ps3 came out for 500 bucks.

X-Alchemist3685d ago

that's a lot of money that gold better be real lol

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