PS3 price appears on Sony site

According to information on the Irish version of the official PlayStation 3 website, the 60GB version of the console will launch in the territory priced at EUR 629.99 - EUR 30 more than previously announced.

Text on the "Price" section of the website also suggests that the 20GB model will retail for EUR 529.99. However, it will not be available "at launch" in Ireland.

Back in May 2006 at Sony's pre-E3 conference, it was announced that the PS3 would cost EUR 499 / 599 in Europe, and the other EU territory sites still feature these price points.

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achira5233d ago

ireland ? is not so important, important are germany, france and great britain. i bet it will cost 600 euros.

Captain Tuttle5233d ago

You don't live in Ireland, do you?

InMyOpinion5233d ago

Hasselhoff-land. Where gamers go to...not get to play games. Whenever you see the Babelfish-spelling, you know you're dealing with a german fanboy.

How's things with your imaginary Ps3 achira?

Antan5233d ago

Well i don`t know if its just me but i thought the 60gig was 425 UK pounds anyway? So 414 at this moment in time is a whopping 11 pounds cheaper than i thought!

BlackCountryBob5233d ago

They always whack another £30 or so onto the UK price after the euro conversion! Whe it was 599 euros the conversion was £393 but they were gonna charge £425 so expect the UK PS3 price to be at least £450, maybe even £465!

My question is this, how can they drop the price in Japan by 20% but delay the console in Europe by 6 months and then whack another 10% ish on to the price. Once again, another company shows no love to Europe :(

BrotherSic5233d ago

Higher price in Ireland is due to higher tax rates (21%).

There is no way that the irish price will be a direct exchange rate of the UK price. The UK price will be higher and it will be rounded up so if it is not £425 then it will £440 - $450

Just so people in the US can understand the price, in comparison to ireland retail prices for the xbox 360 its €409 for premium and Gears / €409 for PGR3 and an extra controller

the second deal + gears (€60) would be €469 so there is a big difference

kingboy5233d ago

European prices would be different with reference to territories where the ps3 is being sold.i haven`t yet decided where i`m gonna be buying my ps3 yet,UK or France cause i live in both countries.But one thing`s for sure ,the standard price shall be 599Euros

FadeToBlack5233d ago

You could import one from the US for less at about 465 Eero. I have see quite a few laying around in stores lately, sure you could find one.

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