'It’s-a Me, Mario" - Charles Martinet Discusses 26 Years As The Voice of Mario

You know Mario—who could forget the cheery “woo-hoos!” of Nintendo’s most beloved video game character? Now meet Charles Martinet, the voice behind the iconic mustachioed man. It turns out, Martinet not only voiced Mario, he also created the voices for Wario, Luigi and even Donkey Kong!

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PhoenixUp1831d ago

26 years? Charles Martinez didn't even start working with until Nintendo in 1994 and first voiced Mario in the 1995 game Mario's FUNdamentals.

Get your math straight

PGRfox1831d ago

If you listened to the entire thing, he actually started with Nintendo in 1990 when he crashed an audition for Mario.

PhoenixUp1830d ago

Yet he hasn't been officially voicing Mario since 22 years ago

Lighter91831d ago

And that one time he played a dragon named Parthunaxx.