5 new videos for Far Cry 2

Five gameplay videos for Far Cry 2.

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peowpeow3685d ago

This game is looking great, can't wait

Lucas223685d ago

what do you guys think about enemies ai

peowpeow3685d ago

Not too sure about enemy AI but better hope they don't have eyes on the back of their heads and can see through bushes :P

n4gzz3685d ago

I think they will have that. In Far Cry 1, they had.
that's funny way to put in though.

Gorgon3685d ago

True. But Far Cry 1 was developed by Crytek and this one isn't. In fact the only common thing to both games is the name and the handgliders. This game could have been called something else, the use of the name Far Cry is just to get some free attention.

And I'm happy with that, since I'm all over Far Cry 2 and coudn't care less for Far Cry 1. Good thing its not in Cryteks hands anymore or we would be fighting mutants in a tropical island.

NonApplicable3685d ago

Hope this is released for NA!

cahill3685d ago

FC2 will be released worldwide

in October 2008

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The story is too old to be commented.