Matchmaking And Creating Lobbies On Nintendo Switch Will Be Done Through Nintendo’s Smart Phone App

ThisGenGaming says "In a recent interview, Reggie confirmed that Nintendo Switch's matchmaking and creating lobbies will be done through their smartphone app along with voice chat."

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-Foxtrot1465d ago

This is unbelievable...just when you think it's stopped

How can anyone defend these guys

lxtrxi1465d ago

I've been defending Nintendo a lot but this one.. This one is inexcusable.

LOL_WUT1465d ago

"We'll be different. Even if it kills us." -Nintendo ;)

Nitrowolf21465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

So we are paying to play online and on top of that we are required to use features not built into this so called gaming machine on another device? WTF Nintendo, you are backwards a F.

I mean, the only reason I can see this ever working is IF somehow Nintendo worked it out where you pay for a yearly sub, and the app gives you Unlimited data/speeds using a Network they built but we would have heard of this way before the Switch if that was the case. But even so, WTF

@Aenea below

Its not that itll cost more or for that matter, its more as why is it being done like this. Thats the only real reason, and acceptable for me that Nintendo would even think thats a good idea to have these features over a device such as these. All of these should be on the system itself though. If people spread what im saying as some factual thing, thats their fault because i was merely specualting why they would even go that route with voice chat/ party system.
Also the system is very focused on the idea you can play as you go, so it really isnt crazy to think it may be nintendo goal to do something like that.

Also, this new console seems geared towards kids, which not every single one of them have a phone but play online still, thatll cost extra.

If i had a kid i wouldnt buy them a phone just for the switch, but there are plenty of gaulible parents who will

1465d ago
Aenea1465d ago


Why do people automatically think that this is going to cost them extra money because they are using their phone? It won't! Your phone has WiFi does it not? When it's available it will use that to transfer data back and forth. The Switch would've used the same WiFi connection for the exact same data anyways, in that regard there won't be a difference and there's no need for a "special network" you're suggesting.

Not that I particularly like this idea of having to use my phone for this sorta thing, but still, don't spout false things....

bouzebbal1465d ago

Yeah it's over for me since the second reveal. First one was ok, shows the system and the concept.
It's just too much this time.
Nintendo shouldn't charge for online, they should give money to switch owners to use this garbage of an online system

MVGeneral1465d ago Show
RedPill861465d ago

I've heard that it doesn't come with an AC adapter for the dock, or an HDMI. Seeing as how the 3DS didn't come with a charger (the new one) this wouldn't surprise me.

Gazondaily1465d ago

This is so idiotic that it makes my knees hurt

lellkay1465d ago

Absolutely ridiculous. Lobbys through your phone... i'm speechless.

Utalkin2me1465d ago

Not only that, but man you will have to keep your phone plugged in the whole time while you play the switch online. For matchmaking and voice chat. Im really baffled by this to be honest.

andibandit1465d ago

I was half expecting friend codes to be used

jaymacx1464d ago

Im not defending this but i am open minded to see how this will actually work. having an open mind about it isn't the same as defending. My question to you all is why don't you express all your concerns to the company instead of just going on a bashfest at Nintendo's expense on these forums. Whenever i do a servey i put my concerns on it .
I think the main reason this doesn't bother me is I don't play online much so I probably wont be paying for it at all. I have Xbox liveGold and ps plus but i mainly use it for the games and discounts.

ShadowWolf7121464d ago


It's confirmed to be a premium smart device app with a LIMITED Free version.

DarthZoolu1464d ago

My phone is always dead.

Erik73571464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

One positive aspect:
We also think it’s a very elegant solution because if you’ve taken your switch on the go, you’ve put yourself in a hotspot, you’re looking at get a quick match of Mario Kart anywhere.

Wait till it drops to see what it is like

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Agent_00_Revan1465d ago

It's almost as if they come up with stuff so stupid just to see how hard they can troll their fans and what they'll put up with.

nX1464d ago

And all of that for six years in a row, Nintendo is being run by clowns these days.
I stopped defending them after the Wii but they've completely lost my respect since then.

killbillvolume121465d ago

I also find it funny nintendo fanboys defending this action... its like they have Stockholm syndrome.

LOL_WUT1465d ago

Funny how they complain about rumors and "misinformation" but when something is presented to them with facts they're nowhere to be found. ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1465d ago

Kinda like how fanboys like you defend paywalls in front of online multiplayer until it's Nintendo doing it.
Most Nintendo fans aren't defending this; you're just flame-baiting for shits and giggles at this point. GTFOOH.

frostypants1464d ago

Seems to me that even a lot who are Nintendo fanboys are cringing at this one.

killbillvolume121465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Honestly this topic needs to start trending because it should warn people.....

_-EDMIX-_1465d ago

You never really need to keep telling people how stupid this company is.

Every single time they continue to remind us with such dumb decisions.

Nu1465d ago

Nintendo's online infrastructure is laughable.
No way I'd pay $5 a month for it especially if all I'd play online would be Kart and Smash.

NotoriousWhiz1465d ago

Yep, if I get the Switch, it would be an offline console for me. I have enough friends in real life that play Mario Kart and Smash.

blackblades1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Ikr to bad for my friend, he uses a flip phone. Shame on nintendo for this crap and I'm interested in how this console will do when released.

Veneno1464d ago

The funny part is I don't believe it will be as horrendous as the Xbox one launch...

Sirk7x1465d ago

I am beginning to think that the reason for this is that the Switch is intended to be able to play online on the go, and that's the only way they could get it to work well.

NotoriousWhiz1465d ago

The 3DS and Vita seem to handle it just fine.

rainslacker1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I seriously wonder just how bad the UI is going to be that they couldn't implement what is essentially a matchmaking service within the system itself.

Sure, voice chat can take up resources, and maybe that's why they offloaded it, but creating what is essentially an array of usernames and connections in memory, along with even a simple interface to facilitate it, has to be done through an auxiliary device?

And Nintendo expects people to pay for this?

Hell, MS allows you to do this kind of stuff through the XBL app without even paying a sub. They have for years. Maybe not matchmaking, because that's more an in game thing facilitated by the UI. This just sounds like trying to get everyone into Vent for that WOW raid Tuesday nights. Complete cluster unless you have a bunch of seasoned players.

Gotta love Nintendo I guess. First they want you to not look at the screen while playing games. Now they want you to put down that revolutionary controller, pick up another device to play your games.

I mean, it's like Nintendo doesn't even know that smart phones are quite literally the thing that's causing people to move away from dedicated handhelds, consoles, and PC, and now Nintendo is asking people to actively engage in using them to do simple things that have become standard for every other device and service for gaming on the market.

Is this not something Nintendo has thought of? In what world is taking the consumer away from the device you're selling them, to another device which you don't even make an option for, in any way a good idea. It's like if Sony required the player to go use a Windows PC to facilitate basic online functions.

Also, in what world, is the convenience of the Switch somehow made relevant, if now the person has to use a 2nd device while mobile? If Nintendo was smart, they'd find a way to tether the Switch to any phone through the Smart phone app while on the go, thus negating all the limitations that cell phone companies put into locked down phones hot spot usage. You know, innovate. Not rely on auxiliary technology to provide basic service.

ziggurcat1465d ago

matchmaking is usually done in-game, though, is it not? I don't see how they'd even need extra system resources.

rainslacker1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Yeah, usually. But the systems facilitate it. There are features which allow lobbies, which then allow going into a game from there, thus activating the matchmaking outside the game. Lobbies are more of a system thing, although some games have their own lobbies. I assumed this was more like groups.

81BX1465d ago

This is how you know gamers on this site have put the trolling aside and are genuinely concerned! At the moment you have 76 agrees and 0 disagrees

joab7771464d ago

This is the arrogance that has led to delusion! How can they expect anyone to pay for an online service that requires you to also have a mobile phone? Insane!! Why not at least partner with google or Apple and offer their store in addition?

That would make it a very formidable mobile device! Otherwise, it's almost like a joke!

badz1491464d ago

"almost like a joke"?

You sir, are very kind. For most, it is already a joke of a device!

1464d ago
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UCForce1465d ago

What the hell, Nintendo ?

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MVGeneral1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Nintendo takes 1 step forward and 5 steps back. Come on nintendo, at least try to be relevant. I would say this is "so last gen" bit I would be wrong as last gen was better than this.

X-Alchemist1465d ago

From the initial reveal trailer to the presentation I've gone from excited to rock bottom disappointed. I've never wanted a console to fail more. But even if it does, you gotta wonder if Nintendo will even acknowledge their stupidity.

lellkay1465d ago

I actually want it to fail at this point. Just like you i was super excited, i really thought we had a new direction for Nintendo, but No other system would get away with this. Nintendo NEED to learn.

Sunny_D1465d ago

This is beyond reprehensible. I just wish Ninetendo would get with the times so that they too can get 3rd party support and next gen games in general. They could bring serious competition back and make it a 3 way instead of always being between Sony and Microsoft. I want this console to fail so that they get rid of the higher ups in the company or something.

Nu1465d ago

I hope there is backlash and Nintendo does a 180 Switch similar to what Microsoft did after their disastrous e3 2013

81BX1465d ago

Companies only learn from $ not coming in

EddieNX 1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I don't understand that, I have to assume features will be available without the app :s

Im not trying to defend Nintendo on this one, thanks for the downvotes though ,guess I'll go shoot myself XD

mcstorm1465d ago

I'm thinking the same as you. The switch has a headphone jack on it so surly that can be used for chat when in handheld mode? As for when using the joypads IDE expect the pro controller to have a jack to but I did wonder about the joycons. I could be of with the 1st two points but have to wait and see.

Firebird3601464d ago

There's no mic insulator in the headphone jack, it's only 2 line not 3. So it's stereo sound no mic built into the switch for chat.

frostypants1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

@Firebird360: "There's no mic insulator in the headphone jack, it's only 2 line not 3."

Mother of So they can't even support it later, at least not through the simplest mechanism. Just why...

mcstorm1464d ago

@Firebird360 well if that's the case that's pants. Maybe we will get a 3rd party wireless headset but a who know. Ill be finding out my self on March 3rd.

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Sono4211465d ago

wow that's when you know shit is getting bad when EddieNX doesn't even try to defend it!

jaymacx1464d ago

Well EddieNX i assume there is no place on n4g for nintendo fans who are optimistic. I don't like to fully judge something before i actually get a hands on experience. After that i will either hate it, love it or be indifferent.

LOL_WUT1464d ago

You can always close your account and go join a pro Nintendo website, just an idea ;)

Firebird3601464d ago

They've already said there's not even a headset for switch. Voice chat from switch is impossible, it's not built into the hardware.

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Big_Game_Hunters1465d ago

So if you don't have a smart phone then you can't play online? i'm pretty confused about this whole thing. They need to just give a live presentation of this in action.

rdgneoz31465d ago

Pretty much you need a smart phone to voice chat and join parties / lobbies. That's all done through the app. Sadly hilarious...

MVGeneral1465d ago

You can play online without this app. But you there will be no voice chat or party creation/play without it.

rocketpanda1465d ago

Doesn't make it any better. Segregating components to different hardware is a stupid idea.

MVGeneral1465d ago

Agreed, their living in the dark ages

rainslacker1465d ago

Smart phone with a data connection that can support whatever data it sends or receives. I don't think Nintendo realizes that not everyone has smart phones, and of those that do, not everyone has very good ones. In fact, most smart phones in people's hands are the crappy ones, and for things like Android phones, they can be very inconsistent in how well they handle various apps.

This sounds like a support nightmare to me. All I can think of is that Nintendo is outsourcing this whole feature to get it working on launch, and maybe working on an integrated solution for the system itself to offer down the line when they finally start charging for it.

Right now, I can't see any reason why paying for this service is even worthwhile, since Nintendo is basically asking us to pay a yearly sub for what is a smartphone app, whose only feature you can't get through various free apps on phones already is the matchmaking service.

I really hope this is a stop gap measure. Surely Nintendo can't be this far behind in their infrastructure that they can't include it on the system itself. If they plan to charge, surely they thought of these features years ago, and thought of ways to include it in the system.

I know people ride Nintendo about how antiquated some of their features are in this regard, but the people that work there and make the decisions aren't so out of touch that they don't recognize what is currently trending and likely to stick around, and they are good at recognizing what could be popular going forward, and this kind of stuff is stuff we saw back before the OGXbox launched. Heck, even Sega was ahead of Nintendo in this regard on the DC, so Nintendo has to have something better planned......or at least I hope they do.

Sunny_D1465d ago

Has Nintendo ever done hardware revisions? If so, do not buy the Switch at launch. Buyers will most likely be beta testers for the actual decent console that was made only in response to the backlash Nintendo received.

pcz1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

i dont think its a temporary solution. if you remember the patents, they referred to 'supplemental computing devices' .. ie the switch would connect to other devices to 'enhance' its features.

there was a lot of speculation about what that meant at the time, but now its clear (to me at least,) that this is what they meant. your mobile is the supplemental device for chat, matchmaking, lobbies and god knows what other idiotic features

rainslacker1464d ago

That patent was more about the hardware processing power. It's evident within the docking system I think, although I have yet to find out if the portable part is just underclocked when removed from the dock.

This is simply running an app on another device, which somehow, I assume, facilitates features on the system itself, but offers nothing towards the processing power of the system itself.

I don't think this has anything to do with the patent. I'm not sure what Nintendo is thinking here, or why they are handling it this way. They aren't this disconnected from technology and usability to not know this isn't going to work well.

I'm really holding out hope that this is just a way to facilitate using your phone for networking while on the go, which is actually a good thing if they can manage some sort of managed tunneled connection through the phone, which circumvents locked down phones lack of being wi-fi hotspots...and if so, it's quite clever and probably a great idea. But I'm not too optimistic about that.

Of course, the above is kind of stupid for the docked console because using one's home network would be more prudent.

deathtok1465d ago

My thoughts exactly... I have a child who will want to play this thing and now I need to hand over my iPhone or iPad with it.... WTF?!

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