Good Luck Pre-Ordering The Red/Blue Joy-Con Nintendo Switch; Demand Has Been Crazy

ThisGenGaming says "While there's still stock of the grey joy-con controller version of the Nintendo Switch, the red/blue version is selling out quicker than expected."

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Moonman1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I just found out that (Red on the Right, Blue on the Left) is exclusive to this pack because the (Blue/Red Joy Con pack Nintendo sells is (Blue on the Right, Red on the Left). You would have to buy an all blue pair and an all red pair of Joy-Cons to duplicate I'm tempted to buy an red pair of Joy-Cons but something tells me the future of Joy-Cons will be awesome and maybe I should wait for Special Edition Joy-Cons.

mikeslemonade1467d ago

I have 3 grey and 1 neon preordered.

DiceAndRice1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Why so many? Or are those for reselling?

mikeslemonade1467d ago

Yep. Keeping one but not sure. Might as well the neon, as the article wrote you can buy the grey seperately.

Erik73571467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Personally, I'm waiting to get it in the fall for a healthy batch of exclusives to play and maybe some mario odyssey special edition.

I think the joy cons for it will use the Nintendo red for the mario odyssey bundle. I don't like the pinkish red they have now.

EddieNX 1468d ago

I chose grey , more mature aesthetic.

Moonman1468d ago

I chose grey as well. Like I did N64. :)

Kribwalker1468d ago

I have 2 grey preorders because the colourful ones were sold out everywhere I looked the day preorders went up...wanted one of each

freshslicepizza1467d ago

why are people ordering multiple units?

Kribwalker1467d ago


I buy 2 of almost every console(or with my PS4 a vitatv) because my kids play games in the other room, so I let them have one

jaymacx1467d ago

I chose gray(console) as well. I got the blue/red pair as an add on. Not buying anymore unless they make a nice zelda or metroid set.

Garethvk1467d ago

They are also limiting supply on purpose to drive up demand which is what they did with the Wii.

krontaar1467d ago

and the gamecube adapter, and amiibos, and the NES classic.

DiceAndRice1467d ago

Does seem that Nintendo has this issue more than any other company.

RosweeSon1467d ago

Yeah I mean who wanted the adapter for smash bros or the NES classic or many amiibos when they first came out... Everyone. They were popular why is this such a conspiracy with Nintendo it's utter bollocks no company willingly holds back the supply and demand for their consoles so that they can see them being resold for ridiculously inflated prices that technically they could have been charging. At the end of the day Nintendo have the sense to go yeah let's not make a 5-10 million of each of these figures like Disney infinity and go bust after 3rd game because we've got 9 million unsold figures. They'll at least understand SNES classic is gonna be popular but if you don't pre order wellin advance and it comes out at Christmas i.e. Perfect time for people buying stuff for others and gifting stuff, not to mention scalpers trying to pile up the prices. It's all Nintendos fault tho, nothing to do with retailers happily letting people buy 5-10+ of the same items for eBay.

Summons751467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

and Sony is doing with PSVR. It's a very common practice.

There is the fanboy in you. No, Sony is limiting stock, I've talked to many stores in a big population area and they said they were lucky to get 1 barely for Christmas. None of them have got them since.

RosweeSon1467d ago

Vr probably just can't make em fast enough seemed to be pretty popular again, popular things selling out 😱😉✌🏻

Utalkin2me1467d ago

So were comparing a 400 dollar VR headset to Controllers now? I have heard it all now....SMFH.

ExplodingJuice1467d ago

Hmm well if you just happen to live in the NYC area the Best Buy @ Union Square in Manhattan has about 10 of them on a shelf. I just passed by them an hour ago.

RosweeSon1467d ago

Is that what ps2/360 did on launch as they were like gold dust also. Supply and demand read the comments you've got people in the section alone ordering 3-4 consoles. It doesn't take a genius to work it it's gonna sell out. Until more are made which will be continually for the next 3-4 years why would they get 50 million made day one for top end price as when 10-20 have been made and sold parts and components come down in price meaning manufacturing costs come down meaning they are making more money or the console is being sold for a little less.

rocketpanda1467d ago

Nintendo always does that sadly. They do it with Amiibos and done it with the NES Classic. Scalpers rub their hands in glee when Nintendo release something new.

RedPill861467d ago

On purpose out of lack of understanding. Meeting market demands is something they failed at even after launch. Hardware and software. It isn't for hype, they willfully just suck ass at manufacturing.

spawnwavemedia1467d ago

Systems sell out at launch almost every time. I remember back in the day the PS2 was going for near 800 dollars because it was no where to be found after launch. Xbox 360 was the same way, I had to wait on a list for 3 weeks post launch before I was able to get one.

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Summons751467d ago

I preordered the regular one. I'd rather buy the pack of matching ones if I do get more, it drives me nuts not seeing them match. It was one thing for the demonstration trailer to define who is Player 1 and 2 but I just can't do that.

masterfox1467d ago

lol just wait for April the demand and hype for this new Nintendo tablet and Accessory's will go from 100 to 0, mark my words.

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