Computer Games: FlatOut Ultimate Carnage PC Review

Computer Games writes: "I think it's my responsibility to warn you before reading this review what Flatout Ultimate Carnage is. It's the PC port, with slightly improved graphics, a new soundtrack and more elaborate destruction mechanics of last year's Xbox 360 Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. So if you already own Flatout 2 or Ultimate Carnage and are not easily impressed, don't expect this title to be worth your attention (and money).

That said, we can easily observe the series' nature without too much effort, because it doesn't try to simulate the natural car behavior that got NFS Porsche Unleashed or Gran Turismo so praised. In fact, I'd go so far as to claim that the level of mechanical realism suggests that Flatout is rather a hybrid between arcade and car simulator – and this can only make me happy."

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