Retro Review No More Heroes

Jacob S. from Link-Cable writes: "One of the biggest announcements (for myself) of the recent Nintendo Switch event was the unveiling of a new No More Heroes title by Suda 51. Sure the translation was abysmal and we didn’t get to see any footage of the new game but it got my blood going and was my favorite part of the whole press conference. It got me so jacked up that I decided to go back to my Wii and pop in the first game in the series and deliver some bloody justice, and I enjoyed every second of it."

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Kyosuke_Sanada636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Its was one of the mains reasons I bought a Wii. The story, soundtrack and character designs were on point in No More Heroes but it suffered from the moments in between battles (specifically the traversing Santa Destroy itself) I didn't mind the waggle too much due to how it was implemented in finishing moves while I absolutely loved the huge amount of clothing rewarded to adventurous players. What really surprised is the writing because it can easily written off as over the top at first but when examined closely, it carries a lot of symbolism for otaku and video game culture. The title also carries a duality to it which is discovered after finishing the series..................

Fist4achin636d ago

Believe it or not, but this is still backlogged in my collection of games. Trust me, I will get to it bc I am a huge Suda fan. I am looking forward to it.

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xMANB3ARP1G635d ago (Edited 635d ago )

the man is a legend. him and kojima need to collaborate