The Korean Military Snuck Some Game Footage Into A Promotional Video

Trying to pull one over on eagle-eyed gamers is never a good idea.

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UltimaEnder1301d ago

Why is this not surprising... =P

wakeupcall41301d ago

don't forget the Pirates of the Caribbean music lol

Larryn1301d ago

I thought that background music sounded familiar!

gangsta_red1301d ago

And the Russians used Fallout 4 to hack the DNC.

The7Reaper1301d ago

Remember when North Korea used Modern Warfare 3 footage?

C-H-E-F1301d ago

LMAO, not even a newer bf, BF3 huh? really? Really guys.. so yall thought in the age of the computer that this wouldn't have been spotted, one of the most memorable scenes in BF3 lOl.