Guitar Hero franchise switching developers

The Guitar Hero franchise went from an under-the-radar music game to a huge sensation almost overnight, allowing gamers everywhere with little to no guitar skills the ability to rock out to their favorite ballad and metal fantasies.

Now the series is picking up shop and moving to a new developer. Neversoft, the team behind the Tony Hawk games, will tackle the next installment.

This move might have been foreseen with the acquisition of the Guitar Hero license by Activision late last year; after all, Neversoft is owned by the Santa Monica-based company.

The official Neversoft website confirms the team switch, with the Woodland Hills, CA studio now hiring programmers, producers, and graphic artists, among others, if they've got the skills. Additionally, Neversoft is looking for PS3-capable title and graphics engineers, which all but assures a Playstation 3 release of a Guitar Hero game.

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calderra5228d ago

Not to mention- did the rumored partnership with MTV pan out? This is either really, really good (real artists' tracks mb?) or really, really bad (Britney Spears = guitar rock?).