Monster Hunter 3 tri- Wii more scans

"Capcom has released the first screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 tri- for the Wii in the latest Famitsu magazine. The game will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2008. The game is 33% complete..."

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Product3685d ago

im sorry but the visuals look very good for the wii.

nieto3685d ago

what i see there are some super blurred scans... i know this it's a Wii article so everybody's going to disagree with me even if what i'm saying is entierly true so keep lying to yourself.

vashivihang3685d ago

why b sorry? dont let the haters get to you. the graphics do look awesome and that is a fact

*in before "just liek ps2 grafx comments*

bubbles up for you

Product3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

bubbles back

jorgeanaya0003685d ago

This game looks really good. I'm keeping an eye on this game. Finally devs are pushing the limits of the Wii.

Smacktard3685d ago

Looks beautiful and very intriguing. Never heard of the Monster Hunter series before I first heard speak of it coming to the Wii, so I'll definitely be looking into it. Looks VERY interesting, and gorgeous.

fopums3685d ago

this game looks VERY good, a real step up from the PS2 versions, but I really wouldn't be interested playing this game without my familiar d-pad. dont take that as bashing it just my preference.

coming from a huge monster hunter fan I hope wii fans enjoy it, and maybe capcom will give us purists a ps2 port, or just a ps3/360 version later on, cause I need to kill me some kut ku's!

Nitrowolf23685d ago

man PS3/360 version would be kickass, think about this game running on HD. Man i still have #1 for PS2 but im banned from the online.

AWBrawler3685d ago

It only kicks butt if its in HD? so I guess every game before this gen sucks, they're not HD.

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The story is too old to be commented.