Gamer 2.0: NHL 09 Review

Compared to NHL 08, NHL 09 adds two great modes that may very well change the way you play the game both offline and online, which makes this a must buy for anyone that wanted better utilization of the team play that appeared in last year's game. The EASHL is one of the coolest online modes to come around since league play, which is hopefully something that becomes a standard for the other sports games to adopt and make their own. There are some rough edges to work out with the new Be A Pro mode that keep it from topping the great, in-depth career mode in MLB 08: The Show, so there's always next year. Otherwise, NHL 09 is easily in the running for the title of Best Hockey Game Ever, with some people leaning towards one of the great games of the past and others leaning towards the dearth of great modes in NHL 09.

Gameplay: 10
Visuals: 9
Audio: 8
Value: 10
Quality: 8

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