G4TV: Real Rocker Rocks ION Drums (And Gives her thoughts)

G4TV writes: "From the gamer's perspective, the ION Drum Rocker--the third party, super-plus-deluxe drum controller for Rock Band 2--is the ultimate music game peripheral, in an entirely different league from any controller we have ever used. It's good enough to compare to the real thing, so we enlisted the help of rock drummer Rachael Rine from L.A.'s massively ass-kicking band Cockpit to put the kit through its paces.

Rachael had never played drums in a video game before, but she rocked the ION and looked good doing it. Check out her opinion below:"

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RevN8r3687d ago

Her opinion...yeah...that's what I was paying attention to, her...opinion.

blockhead17003687d ago

more people will really pay attation to what shes saying and not her bouncing shirt

TomMcBaum3687d ago

Her Def Leppard comment was as tasteless as she realized it was just after she said it. LOL