id On Rage 360 Discs: MS Not Being Dickheads

Yesterday, a report quoting Rage lead designer Tim Willits saying that content had been cut from the id Software title due to the limiting size of Xbox 360 discs was quickly shot down by Willits himself.

Following the mix-up, Shacknews had a chance to sit down with Willits and put the issue to rest, as well as several other controversial topics related to Rage (PC, 360, PS3)--many of which were originally raised by id Software president John Carmack.

"As far as game content, I will swear on the lives of my children that nothing was cut," said Willits in an early shoot-down of the rumor. Now Willits says the whole thing was a classic misunderstanding."

"Microsoft is not being dickheads," he said. "It was a simple kind of miscommunication. Microsoft does not charge a royalty per disc, but there is a cost of goods that goes along with manufacturing."

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Blademask3683d ago

1. Multiple Disc games are already proof of this.
2. Games with content that didn't fit on disc being available for XBL Download.

Whether or not Id can keep backpedaling and trying to make things sound better, the writing is already on the wall. Developers either have to swallow the bullet of multi-disc, or offer as additional downloads. Or the worst case scenario, dumb the game down.

Thats it, theres really nothing to argue about there. Id keeps saying the same thing differently, and we know damn well this wouldn't be an issue with HD-DVD.

Jamie Foxx3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

if he just said ok yeh i said it,it was my feelings and frustrations at the time,i shouldnt have publically said it and let my emotions get the better of me, instead of all this wriggling and squerming now probably because microsoft have reprimanded him,how could he not know in this age where people blindly follow a certain console that his comments would spark controversy?

JUUKENS HOT3683d ago

can we all hold a vigil for his children...RIP

Amnesiac3683d ago

no woman would mate with him.

theKiller3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

my father used to do on me and i hated it so much!!!

imagine ur father says "i swear to my child life(u), or child head(urs) or child neck(urs)"!!!!!!!! this is so foolishness from the fathers!! they need a lesson on how to rise kids!!

Ju3683d ago

I don't even understand why that's a controversy. He said, they had to design the game in a way it works well with a disk change. So ? And they changed the level design into 2 big chunks instead of a couple of small ones. Why do they need to run circles around that argument instead of just simply saying, that's what it is. I agree, that the game might have looked different if they wouldn't have had done that, and its obvious, that the other versions have had to be adjusted towards that. I wouldn't go so far to say "the other versions suffer" because of that. If you do multiplatform, you need to take all eventualities into account. But why can't they just stick to their word instead of doing this damage control now. That looks really bad, IMO. Like someone must have kicked somebody's a.. And come on PS3boys, we are getting great exclusives this year. ID won't do PS3 exclusives, so why the out-rage ?

Rock Bottom3683d ago

The guy hates his children.

arika3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

rage on xbox is going to be this way......
insert disc 1....
then you play area 1, then when you go to area 2
please insert disc 2....
then while playing on area 2 you have to go back area 1 because this is a sand box game and you do this a lot....
please insert disc 1....
then so on and so forth....

this is the future of xbox 360 games! it just can not compete with ps3's future proof plan... bluray is the future for consoles.... wether we like or not it's here and its not going away, fortunately for me I LIKE IT!

deeznuts3683d ago

Could be spin.

He said he swears nothing was "CUT"

In order to be cut it would have to have been created first. It is quite possible they wanted to do more, but didn't, because of the size limitations. So the idea was cutoff early.

I'm not saying this is what happened. I'm saying this is what could have happened. And since this is the same guy who made the "cut" comment in the first place, it is entirely plausible.

VF34EJ253683d ago

Now I don't know what's going on in the development at id, but from what it sounds like. They had to reconstruct their ideas about the wastelands just to make all three versions the same. Pleasing the lowest denominator which is the 360s DVD drive.

Why cant they just suck it up, and pay for the "cost of goods" (if they now don't wanna call it royalties) and just put it on a third disc.

This is a case of two people from the same company saying opposite things. Who to believe now? I'd put my money more on Carmack though. He seems like he loves to work with MS and the 360, but is not in denial about the 360's DVD drive.

3683d ago
Foliage3683d ago

I bet you will have a hard time finding a PC without a hard drive.

PC games are almost always installed to the hard drive first because of major compression applied to the game that can't be uncompressed in real-time. That is where the 360 once again fails, no standard hard drives = no standard installs. Installs also take the disc drive speeds out of the question. Dual layer DVDs tend to get real slow on the second layer. Not to mention a lot of PCs you will find in a store now-a-days have better hardware kicking around in it than the 360 does.

Which brings me to my next point, PC games have the great ability to offer minimum and maximum required specifications with their games. Console games cannot. So when you hear that a PC game is the superior version it was likely reviewed on a high end PC. Again better hardware better results.

jlemdon3683d ago

yeah the HD-DVD wouldn't have this issue right now, if it weren't for cheesy ass M$. They made me spend 200 bucks on something they was getting rid of in a few months.

godofthunder103683d ago

I never read such childish,stupid,bias,and ridiculious remarks from ps3 fanboys before,this is a all time low.The fact is that the man is telling the truth.The same fanboys that are saying that he's lieing would be takeing up for him if this was about the ps3.
The fact is that they are both great system if you like it or not it's a fact.The ps3 does somethings better then the 360 and the 360 does somethings better then the ps3.Neither the ps3 or 360 is perfect they both have flaws.Ps fans might as well face the facts.The ps isn't dominate anymore.They have 2 other systems thats out and they have just about the same shares in the console war.
I'm tired of hearing about graphics.They are both close,i know fanboys from both sides will say that the system they have looks better.The fact is that the majority of people don't even give a sh*t about graphics.I don't like the wii but it proves my point.The wii is out selling both the 360 and ps3.I look for a good story and gameplay when i look for a game.Graphics doesn't even cross my mind,i would take a game with a good story over a game with better graphics any time.I'm also tired of hearing who will win this gen of games.The wii will come in 1st.The ps3 and 360 will be close for 2nd.
I have a 360 and i love it.I like the ps3 and it's the most dependable console ever made but i will never buy one.I try and buy American products as much as i can so i can support our economy not other countries economy.I know that the 360 isn't 100% American made but it helps the U.S economy out ,when you buy a ps3 or other products from over seas you are not helping our economy out at all.
I wish that all the bias and childish fanboys just worry about the system that they have.they should just enjoy their games and don't worry about the other systems because they don't concern you one da*n bit.

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cemelc3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

We know what you meant, you clearly stated the first time, then realized that he has screw up big time.

And now you're doing damage control.

I don't know why devs find it so hard to say 9 gb of space is small(it is damn it, blue ray movies are around 2 gb) ,is not an insult to anyone is the truth plain and simple.

GiantEnemyCrab3683d ago

Bullsh!t on the damage control. There was obviously a miscommunication so as much as the PS3 dips want to hang on to the original FUD story it is over! It has been exposed as the bullsh!t. Done.

morganfell3683d ago

You are exactly right. It is panic on the part of Id(iots). Willits isn't just a lead programmer. He is a co-owner of Id. His statements were not a misunderstanding or a quote from a friend of a friend. It was Willits. It was clearly stated and it is only now the crap has hit the fan and they are scrambling. Too late. Even John Carmack has made comments that compression will have to be used to try and get the game on the disks.

Fail, fail, fail. Nothing more than lies now to try and cover up the damage and save face for an outdated, faulty system dumped onto the market by MS.

ArsArcanum3683d ago

actually they only get about 6gb of space to work with

Dark Collosis3683d ago

Its very simple for me and i just don't understand the fanboys on sonys side defending this simple FACT...


This is simple... PS3=REQUIRED HARD DRIVE INSTALLS while the 360 is INSERT DISC AND PLAY... PLEASE GIVE ME RAGE ON 3 DISC over having to WAIT 5-20 minutes on a harddrive install before i can EVEN PLAY the game......

Now honestly i do think that blue ray is the FUTURE format for disc hardware.. AT its current state of the PS3 FORCING REQUIRED installs to the HDD is a EPIC FAIL.. Sorry but disc swapping takes little time and is in between playing a game NOT before playing a GAME... Maybe next generation...

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MaximusPrime3683d ago

M$ was, is and will be named as d***head.

Spread Butt Cheeks3683d ago

LOL, you ip trace shows port listings running Windows. Thanks for purchasing MS software. Have a wonderful day hypocrite.

Sergeant Osiris3683d ago

tyipcal xbot response when they are getting spanked like a viet cong whore.

MaximusPrime3683d ago

i have MS XP for a long time and now i regretted it.

Ever since that security update, my computer is near dead. This is one way of M$ forcing you to get windows vista.

Once my computer is dead, im getting Mac.

Silogon3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I love how all these developers are kissing Microsofts ass and saying that their small ass disc are good enough for their work. We all know it's not. 2 disc in this day and age is unheard of! Multiple disc should've been dead by now. It's not even last gen it's last, last gen.

When you have the option to install the whole thing on your hdd or spin it on 1 blu-ray, why not take that route and stick a fork in Microsoft?