When Are Resident Evil 7 Reviews Coming? Review Embargo End Date Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "When are reviews coming for Resident Evil 7? Well that can now be revealed, and you won't have to wait too long now."

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datriax1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Ah, the classic trump card to ensure your game doesn't get lambasted before you can scrounge sales from unsuspecting hammer heads. The "review embargo", which just so happens to be ONE day before it's released. LOL

This just SCREAMS confidence by Crapcom. One foot in the grave is about to turn into an entire burial.

lxtrxi1465d ago

It's a strange choice for sure. Lots of good thoughts prior to release, and it still gets the day before release embargo treatment.

GtR35olution1465d ago

Im buying resident evil day one and reviews are meaningless these days.

blitz06231465d ago

I'm not exactly sure what or how embargo's are handled, but it can't be because they are 'afraid' of how it might affect preorders or potential buyers. Bloodborne's embargo lifted the day before too and as you know it averaged over 90

mikeslemonade1465d ago

Play the free version PC drrrrrrrrrrr

IamTylerDurden11465d ago

The demo is terrific, especially on PSVR.

rainslacker1465d ago


The idea behind embargos, is that it allows devs to send out to reviewers early enough that they can play through the game, and since there is a date for reviews to be made, reviewers can't rush out reviews to be first to try and get hits.

It levels the playing field, and just gives reviewers time to play and write a review.

At least that's how they started. Sometimes embargoes are also used to prevent bad game reviews before release, but it's not as common to do that as some people around here make it out to be.

There is no real direct correlation between the embargo date, and the quality of a game. Each company tends to have it's own policies for such things that work across the board for different kinds of games, or in some publisher houses, it will depend on who's in charge of the marketing for the game....since it may not be the same person from one game to the next.

bouzebbal1465d ago

i'm getting this one regardless, i encourage the change in direction i got sick of TPS and RE4 5 6 did that so bad.

Scatpants1464d ago

Day before is fine. It's the day after ones you've gotta watch out for.

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freshslicepizza1465d ago

then dont preorder, problem solved

lxtrxi1465d ago

Even if you pre-order and don't like the reviews, there's more than enough time to cancel.

-Foxtrot1465d ago


Not really. If you pre order it online then they will ship the game to you 2 days before hand so it's with you on release

You can't get half way through the day before release and go "Gee...I'm going cancel it, hope it's not too late"

Goldby1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

@Foxtrot, if you are having it shipped to you, you can always refuse the package. if i refuse the package, which i have done in the past for things i never ordered but were sent to my house, the canada post takes it and sends it back

lxtrxi1465d ago

@-foxtrot I use Amazon so that might be the difference, with Amazon they dispatch late a day prior to release so if reviews are bad I can cancel before they send it off.

But you are right, there are some sites that send pre-orders a few days before release. That's why I use Amazon.

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Derceto1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Never been a supporter of this game from what I've played in demos and footage I've seen. This embargo just furthers my suspicion that this isn't going to be received well.

You would think Capcom, who's trying to restore the image of this franchise, would be loud and proud to get positive and shining reviews out there well ahead of release date to convince people to pre-order even.

Have a bad feeling I'm going to right yet again, and this game is going to disappoint. Which is too bad, as I was once upon a time, a huge RE fan.

lxtrxi1465d ago

Not played myself so I can't confirm but there's many early opinions out there saying it's the best Resident Evil game since RE2. Hardly anything negative so it's looking good. Again, previews reactions were strong and many said how it's the best RE game in years.

-Foxtrot1465d ago

If you feel like that have a look of the Gaf, Reddit or 4chan for those dicussing the game with early copies

It doesn't sound the best and the ending scene with xxxx is just "WTF"

1nsomniac1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

The demo at least is excellent. Admittantly despite me being a VR naysayer, it's even better in VR. I'm noticing things I've never noticed before & there's so much detail that it escalates it to a whole new level. If only I could get over my VR motion sickness.

We're in the games 7th iteration we can't moan for them taking a new direction. Especially when the series had turned so bad. That's lunacy! If anything it's actually closest to returning to RE1 which again I can't see how people can moan at that either.

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thelaughingwiseman1465d ago

DOOM had an emargo on reviews when it was released in 2016. That turned out to be an awesome game.

lxtrxi1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

This is true too. DOOM was an amazing game.

CorndogBurglar1465d ago

Same with Bloodborne.

Embargos do not always mean the game is bad or the devs don't have confidence.

Its pretty obvious they have confidence.

ninsigma1465d ago

The vast majority of games have a review embargo until the day before release though.

TheFirstClassic1465d ago

I mean Doom didn't even send out review copies until the day it was released, and it turned out great. Can't say anything for sure yet.

Paytaa1465d ago

Doom was acclaimed and it's embargo was post-release.

Personally, since everyone who owns a keyboard of some sort can review games, I tend to not care about reviews anymore unless it's my friends who share same game tastes or someone like AngryJoe for the entertainment aspect and brutal honesty for most big games.

With that said, RE7 hasn't really been on my radar, but it does look so much better than 5 and 6. Might get it someday.

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kowan1465d ago

DOOM's review embargo was the release date itself. :)

IamTylerDurden11465d ago

Or they could do what Bethesda does and not have any reviews pre release.

It still gives ppl a day to see reviews before release. If they truly weren't confident they wouldn't give any review copies a la Bethesda.

The Last Guardian did the same thing and it was very good.

Nightmar3Demom1465d ago

Yeah, every time that I see these embargoes, the more suspicious I become of the quality of the game. Not saying that's the case here, but it immediately makes me want to take a step back and wait

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BlackTar1871465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Well, maybe part of the problem is the youth nowadays have the problem making up their own mind and would rather be lazy and let someone else do it for them.

The need for instant gratification and at the same time not making up their own mind is a travesty.

inmusicutrust1465d ago

Reviews have been around for decades though, and there's nothing lazy about it. I guarantee anyone reading the review would MUCH rather make up their own mind about a game but unfortunately there's about $60 and at least 4 or 5 hours in the way of that. Reviews scores can be unfairly damning to a game but it's something of a necessary evil. You're a bit of a fool if you don't read the justification of a score, but the concept of reviews is NOT a byproduct of "youth nowadays."

Tankbusta401465d ago

I bet the guy screaming "youth nowadays" isn't even 30

BlackTar1871465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

That's not true at all. Good try though.

Hopefully, you didn't bet anything. I'll give you a hint I use to play Card readers.

rainslacker1465d ago

The general consensus of reviews 9 times out of 10, is usually what most people feel about the game. That's about the only reason why I think MetaCritic is somewhat worthwhile.

Even if you stick with reviewers that tend to like the same kinds of games, there are still discrepencies in opinions.

While I appreciate your point, the fact remains, it's not that easy to form an opinion without actually playing a game. And while solutions exist to try things out, that usually means spending money to find out.

Garethvk1465d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Capcom of late has been really iffy with the press. They want coverage then run and cry poverty or do not respond when you ask about review copy. They did not usedto be like that so it is kind of a see what you get and do not expect much. We did do a radio segment for Friday on the game but who knows.

Garethvk1464d ago

No just stating facts. Their p.r. firm and reps can be difficult to work with compared to other companies.

Sarah_Ch1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Just finished the game, I give re7 8/10. really enjoyed it

Ashunderfire861465d ago

You finished it? You know what your probably from Dubai or somewhere in the middle east. Sometimes they get the game first before anyone lol! I remember watching Live stream videos of Metal Gear Ground Zero, Thief, Infamous Second Son a week before they came out. An its always from places like Dubai. Hmmm. You could be telling the truth.

inmusicutrust1465d ago

It was reported as having been purchasable in the Middle East a few days ago, so it's possible.

Sarah_Ch1465d ago

I'm not from Dubai, but managed to get a copy from there. there was event attended by game producers at the same time the game 've been leaked at stores. the weird thing they got NA version not sure how!

Ashunderfire861465d ago

I knew it! Well I was wrong thinking that you were from Dubai, but you got it from there, so I was half right. Dubai such a rich and future like place. They always get the games first lol! Is the game jump scare scary, environmental scary, or a little bit of both? Hope it is scarier than Alien Isolation. That Alien game was shocking with it's unpredictable A.I.

Xack1465d ago

Some places have only just started receiving their review codes/copies. We only got our code yesterday, so it makes sense having it on launch day/day before (depending where you are) with only a week to conduct the review