'Hold Your Wee for a Wii' Death Shuts Down Show

Ten employees have lost their jobs over the incident, and the radio show is permanently off the air.

The "Morning Rave" radio show on KDND 107.9 will be off the air indefinitely according to the station's general manager.

"Effective immediately the "The Morning Rave" program is canceled and 10 employees are no longer with the station," read a statment from John Geary, the station manager.

The program director, promotions director and the three morning DJs are some of the employees who lost their jobs over the incident.

"We're going to pull through," a woman who works at the station said. "(The mood) is pretty somber around here. The whole thing is just a tragedy."

28 year old Jennifer Strange was found dead in her Rancho Cordova home on Friday. A preliminary coroner's report indicated the death "was consistent with water intoxication".

Strange was competing in the "Hold Your Wee for a Nintendo Wii" contest when she died. The following message appeared on the station's web site after the death:

"All of you are probably aware of the tragic death of a contestant, Jennifer Strange, following her participation in a contest on the Morning Rave last Friday.

First and foremost, our thoughts and sympathies go out to Jennifer's family and loved ones.

I also want to assure you that the circumstances regarding this matter are being examined as thoroughly as possible. We are doing everything we can to deal with this difficult situation in a manner that is both respectful and responsible. In the interim, the Morning Rave is off the air indefinitely."

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Shin_Akakage5224d ago

Before I am accused of being a devil or heartless, please hear me out. While the radio station definitely needs to take some responsibility for this do all these people have to loose their lively hood over such a tragic accident? A life was lost....and that's a horrible thing, nothing will bring her back. She was a willing participant and an adult capable of making decisions on her own. That's not to say the radio station is exonerated of any responsibility. They fired these people and cancelled the show to avoid a lawsuit. So if this is the radio station's way of fixing things....where is the upper level management's accountabilty? A contest like that would never have happened if the higher ups didn't authorize it...yet they aren't losing their jobs. Also if participants did not have to sign any waiver or anything like that then a lawsuit is inevitable. Cancel the the decision makers that signed off on this event without researching to see if something like water intoxication exists.....definitely, that's negligence. Firing everyone that had anything to do with the show...thats a bit too much in my opinion. This is a terrible tragedy, I feel really bad for her family. I hope that they will be able to pull through this horrible time for them.

MicroGamer5223d ago

if all they lose are their jobs. According to other news accounts, there were no medical personnel on standby in case of an emergency and no adequate health warnings were given according another of the contestants. The people organizing this stunt were irresponsible and deserve whatever happens to them.

Odiah5224d ago

Like I said before, this isn't wii news.

Kastrol5224d ago

I hate these radio focks who enjoy and think its funny by humiliating contestents who so badly need the prize which could have been for her kids or a present to a love one

they humiliated her and know shes dead all for a nintendo wii

addictedtogames5223d ago

What a horrible way to die, I didnt know you could die for holding too long.

gta_cb5223d ago

i was told before this, that a woman is more likely to get blood poisoning from holding you wee for too long, im not sure about men, but if you can then its not as likely

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