GamesRadar: Dragon Age: Origins Preview

GamesRadar writes: "BioWare's spun us some epic space operas of late, but the developer's roots have always been firmly planted in the fantasy setting, à la Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate. The return to elves 'n' ogres territory was inevitable, and the pendulum now swings back with Dragon Age: Origins, a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate (Interplay still owns the rights to BG). In Dragon Age: Origins, players point a four-character party in the direction of spiky-armored uglies (they evoke Lord of the Rings' Uruk-hai more than a little) called Darkspawn, and take them down using BioWare's signature pauseable combat to coordinate party members during battle. The battles BioWare demonstrated were tactical enough to let you think on the fly, but more hectic than a medieval chess match."

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