Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One Sells an Estimated 203K Units First Week at Retail

The open world survival horror beat 'em up video game from Capcom - Dead Rising 4 - sold 203,035 units first week at retail on the Xbox One, according to our estimates. First week sales can be viewed on the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart for the week ending December 10.

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ThePope1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I loved DR3 with the story co-op. It was the best Co-op game I've played in a long time. VERY disappointed in 4 for not having it. Cancelled my pre-order because of it.

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XanderZane1614d ago

Sales does not tell if a game is a flop or not. There are lots of great games that have sold less then 2 million units.

trooper_1614d ago


That's terrible.

YEP4141614d ago

On Xbox one we buy digital..especially with the anywhere function this game sold over a million

trooper_1614d ago


Digital means nothing. Those numbers are still bad.

ThePope1614d ago

digital means nothing? So the money the developer gets from digital is fake? Oh man they better stop selling games digitally.

trooper_1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

@The Pope

When did I say that money doesn't matter? Even if you combine digital, those numbers are still bad.

daBUSHwhaka1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

The Last Guardian sold double first week on a system with more than double, is that terrible.

Unspoken1614d ago

No digital sales, hmm. If TLG did only double with the PS4 install base than this are pretty good numbers.

FITgamer1614d ago

@YEP so your saying digital is nearly 5x physical sales lol. Come back to reality.

XanderZane1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Sales aren't great, that's for sure. Been like that for many games on all the platforms though. Doesn't help that the game wasn't all the great either. Capcom didn't do this game any justice. It's suppose to release on other platforms as well.

Yeah, Last Guardian didn't do well in sales either. After 5+ years in development, you would think millions of games would want to play it. I got my copy and the game was great. Sure it's a niche game, but I expected 1 million+ for it's first week at least. Forza games are the same way. It'a a niche game for mostly Americans. Usually doesn't sell as well overseas.

bluefox7551614d ago

@daBUSHwhaka Yes, when you consider one is a mainstream, zombie killing game and the other is a niche game about a boy and his dog/bird/cat.

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IamTylerDurden11614d ago

Wait.... i remember all the articles stating how DR4 was outselling TLG. DR4 was more heavily advertised as well. Wow, and all the ppl claiming 500k in 1 week was bad for TLG yet it more than doubled DR4. I am truly shocked that a game with such broad appeal like DR4, the 4th game in a successful franchise sold so abysmally. I guess we shouldn't have believed those articles about DR4 blowing out TLG, take a mental note ppl.

manabyte771614d ago

It's not a dude bro shooter. Nothing else sells on Xbox. Their fan base has the palette of a five year old child.

DiRtY1614d ago

GfK reported DR4 > TLG in UK. This is as official as it can get.

VGC reports TLG > DR4 worldwide. This is as unofficial as it can get.

Clunkyd1614d ago

Especially since TLG is a niche game.

MrCrimson1613d ago

the dead rising games just kinda suck. they aren't challenging, and are too casual for me. not to mention previous releases of the series have been lacking.

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FallenAngel19841615d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Wow that's even lower than the 242K that the XO version of ROTR sold in its first week, and that game had to contend with Fallout 4.

What's even the point of releasing these timed exclusives on Xbox One when doing so results in the game not performing particularly well in sales and not dramatically increasing the hardware sales of the console?

On a side note it's ridiculous how niche game title like The Last Guardian performed better commercially than a more mainstream title like Dead Rising 4, which makes this particular article all the more hilarious.

UCForce1614d ago

Well, I give you one reason why Dead Rising 4 isn't a true Dead Rising game. Take this video comparison :

PizzaSteve1614d ago

Wow just sad. DR a 10 year old game has more interaction than 2016 DR4. This is truly being lazy by Capcom. I feel bad for MS publishing this crap. Even when he pick up the chainsaw in DR he pull to crack but in DR4 chainsaw comes on by itself.

Sunny_D1613d ago


It doesn't help that the newest one was made by a western dev compared to the original which was a japanese dev. The Japanese developers have always put a lot of detail in their games. From Kojima, Polyphony Digital, Team Ico, etc...

Mikefizzled1614d ago

I think because Capcom didn't want it to be part of the Xbox Anywhere program Microsoft marketed it a lot lot less. The announcement and showing at E3 was so limited and short.

DashArrivals1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Bullcrap. You can't blame this on Microsoft. The supposed Xbox fans just didn't buy it.

Bronxs151614d ago

You sound like a troll. It isn't surprising last guardian would outsell dead rising. PS4 install base is way bigger. Not to mention I wouldn't call last guardian niche after it's been a headliner at sonys e3 confrenses starting when in 2006 people knew about that game and wanted it?

lastking951614d ago

Rotr sold over a million in under 3 months on xo so your info is incorrect.

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DigitalRaptor1615d ago

Less than The Last Guardian? I heard reports than it had sold more.

It's odd for a mainstream action game sell less than half of what a niche adventure puzzle game does.

Thatguy-3101615d ago

It was only placed higher in the uk software list. These sales are world wide figures

DigitalRaptor1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Ah, makes sense now.

Of course, world wide figures account for a greater success.

IamTylerDurden11614d ago

Yet the UK numbers were the ones constantly forced down our throat on N4G. Everybody was sure that DR4 was outselling TLG, but fortunately propaganda can't always replace truth.

kenwonobi1613d ago

Key word "propaganda". Remember this word with Microsoft. They have a long history of it. Nothing they say is without this term being considered first.

Kribwalker1615d ago

VGchartz. You can't trust what numbers they make up. They have halo 5 at 4.67 million, while the 343 boss (frank O'Connor) has confirmed it sold 5 million in 3 months....

DigitalRaptor1615d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Man at Halo studio goes on to NeoGAF to tell you something he expects you to believe. Albert Penello did the same on NeoGAF, so things like that cannot be trusted either. Would you trust Neil Druckmann if he told you Uncharted 4 had sold 12 million copies?

You have a point that VGchartz won't be completely accurate, but I don't think it's ever too far off.

@ game4funz

It would be complete BS, so I wouldn't trust his word on that.

@ ImGumbyDammit

Albert Penello did go onto NeoGAF and lied. Where was his court order?
Major Nelson has lied. Phil Spencer has lied. Aaron Greenberg has lied. They all do.
MS is known for lying and Major Nelson recently admitted that they do "fudge things" i.e. lie and mislead.

@ starchild

You got something to say, or is it just another case of you not liking what I have to say?

game4funz1614d ago

Yes I would trust Neil. No reason to lie.

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tyasia01614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Well your free to have that opinion but the facts are that historically VGchartz have under tracked Sony and over tracked Microsoft. So how does that fit into your picture?

badz1491614d ago

VGChartz is not a credible source just like how Wikipedia is not a credible one for research. but in their defence, they only estimate based on RETAIL copies only. digital not included. so I know Halo was was announced at 5mil months ago but that has to include digital. just like how they only have UC4 at 6.59mil but Sony already announced 8.7mil sold earlier this month - unlike Halo or Gears 4 though. Nobody outside of Sony and MS knows anything about those digital numbers. just like how Steam doesn't reveal their numbers either.

but vgchartz do adjust their numbers once official announcements from companies were made.

kenwonobi1613d ago

On that we agree. I feel like PS4 has a even larger lead than N4G reports. By a few more million.

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