Confirmed Nintendo Switch Indie Game Lineup

A closer look at the Nintendo Switch’s impressive lineup of third-party indies.

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Pr0xi2254d ago

This just means I have to get one!

PolishWingedHussar2254d ago

Same here! I honestly feel like Yooka-Laylee on the Switch should have been included in Nintendo's presentation. It's such a gorgeous game. :)

Bahamut-Shin2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

play on the go + indie games, go hand to hand for me, if nintendo can get as many indie games as any other console that would mean a lot for me.

PolishWingedHussar2254d ago

According to Nintendo, there are 80+ games in active development. I know that a lot of them are indie, though not all of the partnered companies are announcing what projects they have in the works. Like Devolver is participating, but they have yet to announce which of their games will be ported to the Switch (I'm hoping for Absolver). I feel like by the time E3 rolls around, we'll know a bit more about other indies on the way. :)

Utalkin2me2254d ago

Just depends. Are they retail indies or download only? If you start downloading a few indies that space will go bye bye very quickly.

PolishWingedHussar2254d ago

Extremely valid point. For me, that's one of the biggest hangups of the Switch is storage space. Breath of the Wild is said to take up half the space on the Switch!

I'm hoping Nintendo elaborates on their storage expansion plans prior to the console's release in March. After all, while games like Terraria, Stardew Valley, Binding of Isaac, and Shovel Knight don't take up much space, there's no telling how much space games like Yooka-Laylee will require.

Bahamut-Shin2254d ago

did you just came here to bash on the switch?
because if you did, sorry but I don't care about what you have to say about it. I don't see why MY opinion on the switch have anything to do with YOUR dislike on the switch and reason to trash talk about it.

Utalkin2me2254d ago


Little uptight are we. You said play on the go indies. So in a realistic aspect of switch. I was wondering if it was retail indies or download only. If you cant take legitimate questions then you might want to log out for a while and come back on a later date. There was nothing in my comment to be perceived as bashing or hating. Its a real question that i was wondering.

darthv722254d ago

Nothing that the quick pop of an SD card cant fix. And you can have a dedicated card for different types of games. you can have an SD card for indie games and one for retail digital and swap between them depending on your mood.

PolishWingedHussar2254d ago

It'd be great if Nintendo created better bundles in the future with SD cards included, a game bundled in (Breath of the Wild, etc), the Pro Controller, etc. I feel like if they offered up bundles like that at a fair price, they'd improve cost situation that has everyone concerned. Side note, they should offer up fair bundles before Mario Odyssey is released. Holiday bundles are great and I'm sure they'll be there, but people who want to play the Switch over the summer may be more compelled to purchase if they can just get everything together for a better price.

DigitalRaptor2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

RiME, Yooka-Laylee and FAST RMX likely will. I think The Binding of Isaac is getting a retail edition, so I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few of these developers seek a publisher to sort their retail releases.

It could be a whole new avenue for Limited Run Games to do business with indie devs, but that's mainly for collectors purposes. If you're concerned about space then SD cards will do the job.

wonderfulmonkeyman2254d ago

Yeah, that's true, but thankfully most indie games are small enough that a 256 or 500 gb SD card will last ages, and the Switch will support up to 2 TB SDXC cards, though those are expensive as heck due to how new that shrunken tech is.XD

deafdani2254d ago

Yeah, I will be getting games in physical format whenever possible. I guess I'll buy a 200 GB micro SD card (around 60 bucks) for those Indies that are digital-only.

I checked my Wii U, I have a 2 TB hard drive connected to it and I've used only a bit over 200 GB, but I have quite a few high profile games there. Xenoblade X's installs alone are 10 GB.

So, I think I will be fine with a 200 GB card if I only use it for Indies and the occasional DLC and buy everything I want physical whenever available.

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KimikoGaming2254d ago

Despite having a PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and a top of the line gaming pc, I think I will get Yooka-Laylee on Switch if it gets a physical copy, at least as long as it runs at 60 fps. As a throwback to Banjo-Kazooie and other classic N64 platformers, I feel Yooka-Laylee will feel the most nostalgic on a Nintendo System.

But if it only runs at 30 fps on switch, I will get it for PC.

DigitalRaptor2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I would have expected to see more, but that looks pretty good.

I can see myself getting Yooka-Laylee and RiME on the Switch.
I hope Playtonic let me switch out my PS4 pre-order for a physical Switch edition.