WorthPlaying: Buzz! Quiz TV Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Although Buzz! Quiz TV has already been entertaining Europe for a few months, it'll finally arrive in North America next week. Sporting wireless buzzers, online play, and the ability to create your own quizzes, Buzz! Quiz TV for the PlayStation 3 brings the excitement of game shows to your living room in high definition.

Just as in previous offerings, you're a participant in a game show hosted by Buzz, who's voiced by Australian actor Jason Donovan. You can opt to customize your avatar, which includes options such as Asian schoolgirl, Mexican luchador, mime, Napoleon, robot and others. Once you've selected your avatar, you can choose from a few costume choices, and then you pick a buzzer sound, which can range from a predictable buzz to various animal noises. Each character has a few victory and loss animations, and they're humorous and well done. If you'd rather get right into the game and bypass the avatar customization process, you can select the question mark option, which throws together a random character, costume, and buzzer sound."

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