The Divnich Tapes: Quality of Wii Games Improving?

Continuing his Gamasutra-exclusive NPD analysis following the release of August's game sales figures EEDAR's director of analytical services Jesse Divnich presents a year-over-year comparison of average review scores for each home console's games, noticing a significant rise for Wii titles.

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Product3777d ago

I think its true...your starting to actually see devs taking time to make wii games instead of ports...and it seems like every day a wii exclusive or new game is being announced(all being core titles from third parties no less)
2009 seems very interesting for the wii if this progress continues.

vashivihang3777d ago

the quality is definately improving:

the conduit
de blob
deadly creatures
dead rising
monster hunter 3
rune factory
T vs capcom 3
cursed mountain

to name a few

rjguess3777d ago

I thank High Voltage and The Conduit for all of this. They let developers know that a wii is not a white Gamecube or a ps2 or an xbox. It is more powerful than those systems.

Gr813777d ago

I think the article was weak, the point it was trying to make was strong, and in all honesty is just a natural progression. As developers delve deeper into Wii development and understanding how to best utilize the system, we get better games..Third parties particularly because Nintendo's first party games have been top notch this gen.