Call of Duty: World at War Co-Op Trailer

IGN has posted a new Call of Duty: World at War trailer, titled, Co-Op Trailer.

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Sillyace923686d ago

Man the hands and guns look so bad in this game but the fire looks pretty good

Beast_Master3686d ago

Hands?? that is being kinda picky, I mean you have to admit that COD4 engine makes the game at least passable for treyarch.

I will be getting this one for sure though, I could care less about hands. lol

Kleptic3686d ago

why do people always attack treyarch like that?...there is no doubt in my mind that Treyarch could have pulled off CoD 4 just as well...CoD 3 was easily better looking than CoD 2...Cod 3 failed because it was simply more of the same, with some vehicles in was Activisions fault, not Treyarch's...but when you look at its critical reception, it was easily on par with CoD 2 considering it felt more like an expansion than anything else...

and CoD 4 succeeded because it was a new theatre, and went back to shooter basics mostly...had a new take on multiplayer classes also...but it wasn't anything that other devs with a considerable budget couldn't do...IW is overrated imo in that sense...they and activision are trash at community support, unlike Bungie...but do tend to nail gameplay pretty well...

the CoD 4 engine is pretty strong can't really say anything in world at war looks bad...I am just frustrated that its back to WWII...and more so that Activision will probably invest into the community the same way they always do...which is...not at all...

look forward to 6 months of needed patches people...oh..and DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!!eleven

Beast_Master3686d ago

I never got into the series until COD4, so I guess I don't mind that this is back to WWII. But dude, you gotta give Treyarch some credit they have taken the COD4 engine and made a bigger game than IW did with 4. Not to mention they also are doing the Bond and Spiderman games. I think some people will be very surprised at how far Treyarch has come from COD3.

Radiodread3686d ago

it's no wonder it "wasn't good" although I thought it wasn't half bad for being a one year developed game. World at War has I think over 3 years. DAY 1 BUY for me. This game is gonna sell and all of you will be feeling like el stupidos.