IGN: Resistance 2 Splicer Footage

Developer commentary - The Splicer.

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Rick Astley3775d ago

Ted Price looks like he hasn't slept in weeks.

Relcom3775d ago

He was hard at work adding all that gore. <3 Ted

n4gzz3775d ago

he looks tired. I hope Ted takes good vacation after this game.

Kleptic3775d ago

Ted suffers from Insomnia...get it?...

micro_invader3775d ago

He's an insomniac, what do you expect? He's too busy making all these awesome games, ain't no time for sleep!

J/k (partly) Once he gets done with R2, he can rest easy while all the money rolls in ;)

Lifendz3775d ago

Insomniac faithful, that I am.

nbsmatambo3775d ago

reminds me of that ratchet and clank weapon

still cool =D

aceitman3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

its live update 1.30 now the bike update for ps3

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cemelc3775d ago

This is the Best FPS of the year 2008.

negrito2113775d ago

ya he needs some major sure there busy as heck working for the release.making sure its polished and all

Nitrowolf23775d ago

Ted Price is dedicated to his work, ensuring that this game will kick ass

TheColbertinator3775d ago

Ted Price looks exhausted.Reminds me of Kojima during his interviews.But the Splicer looks sick.Hopefully its a multiplayer weapon because I want to chop you guys up