Rumor: Warhawk for PS3 Cancelled

One of the employees working on the title told Rumor Reporter that development on the game "stalled completely" due to "infighting and lack of clear direction" which apparently led to increasing costs, which then caused layoffs and some employees to leave the project altogether.

SCEA has employed a new director, but the game may now become a downloadable game instead of a retail title.

Sony have not made any official announcement yet regarding Warhawk, though they did shoot a brief reply back to Joystiq:

"We haven't made any official announcements regarding Warhawk since last year. At this time, we have nothing new to report regarding this title."

Stay tuned for further updates.

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HyperBear5434d ago

If this game gets cancelled, I am selling my PS3. Cause i pretty much bought PS3 to play games like Warhawk, and Lair and anything that fully utilizes the Sixaxia, and Warhawk, esp the demo of it at E3 06, that game was awesome, but if it gets cancelled, not even Killzone could make me keep this system. But then if Lair is about the same, then i guess itll do, im just really ticked. I was looking soo forward to it, but guess what. No worries, Ive got 360 games to worry about. Mass Effect, Halo 3, BioShock, etc. so im okay for 360, just that PS3, is starting to pisds me off again.

RoadToRuin5434d ago

yeh likely story, this game has been a majority selling point for the ps3, both developer and publisher know it'll bring in a lot of revenue, there's no way it'll be dropped off the retail list!

DJ5434d ago

already shot this rumor down.

"Guys (gals?), just be aware that MANY MANY MANY games- including 90% of the ones I have worked on- go thru growing pains. It's called the creative process. Sometimes those pains are so bad that you don't think you can go on (GOD OF WAR, in my case), sometimes they are not that bad. BUT just because you hear about a game that is (or WAS) struggling thru the process, doesn't mean ANYTHING. That is the process for much of the time. Hell, they KILLED the first draft of HALF LIFE and started many times did they push back ZELDA (which ZELDA? Hell, how about MOST of them) REALLY think it was to 'give the game more polish and give gamers the game the deserve'? Well sure it was, but you also never stopped to think that the extra time was needed because the game didn't sail thru the dev. process like butter in the first place?

So just because some disgruntled ex-worker- who thought the game should have been made HIS way- is now getting his 15 minutes by spouting off to some news source, does not mean he is bringing any meat to the table in terms of valid information. It may be TRUE information in terms of a game having been down a tough road, but again- that is par for the course."


marionz5434d ago

that didnt even mention warhawk...

Raist5434d ago

In the original thread on neoGAF, everyone's speaking about Warhawk. Gaffe doesn't give much informations, but he clearly states all those talks about warhawk being cancelled aren't accurate.
Doesn't mean that the game couldn't turn into a downloadable game for the PSN tho.

achira5434d ago

lol, this rumour is bs. take the source and read it again, there is nothing about a cancellation.

gnothe15434d ago

what about blue ray!! this game has to be about 30 gigs, so theres no way you could be downloading from the Playstation network!! unless blueray isnt needed afterall!!

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