PES 2009: If Only Watching Real Soccer Was This Fun

Kotaku writes: "If there's one lesson I learned from Konami's super fun gaming day in NYC yesterday, it would have to be coming to the realization that playing a soccer video game is far more entertaining than watching a real one. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not hater by any means. I respect the sport, and I rarely ever diss its fans. But this is the only instance I can find where the video game equivalent is far more entertaining than the real thing. Is that because real soccer is just that boring? Or is it a testament to how good Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is?"

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tangerine3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Obviously reviewed by a dumb ass American.
That's the only person on Earth that says that kind of crap about the greatest sport on planet earth.

Oh, BTW, no one likes American Football, or BaseBall.
They are crap. Please rename the Word Series to the American cup or something, as no one else in said world is in it.

PoSTedUP3777d ago

"no one likes American Football, or BaseBall." "they are crap"

^ your calling someone ignorant???? wow, talk about a hypocrite......

pwnsause3777d ago

uh no. Baseball is played almost all over the world, leave baseball out of this.

ape0073777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

you are 100% right


pwnsause3777d ago

Seriously, leave baseball out of it. Baseball isnt just played in the US. it is also played in some parts of latin America, Carribean, Japan and Korea.

shine13963777d ago

jeez it doesn't take much to hate on Kotaku...they obviously want site hits....

Rock Bottom3777d ago

You're all messing the point, "even someone who doesn't like soccer can enjoy PES2009", can't wait for this game.

dro3777d ago

bubbles up... the world cup is watched by the hole world apart from america which is over 4billion people, while the super bowl is watched by only america which is over 100 million people!!! (what dose that tell u football haters)!!!... (-_-)

that reminds me chelsea vs manchester united is this weekend!!! ;D

mariusmal3776d ago

"uh no. Baseball is played almost all over the world, leave baseball out of this."

i'm from europe and love baseball also. but dont compare the numbers or worldwide football (yes not soccer) players to baseball players. only in brasil there are some almost 2 million players signed up in the football association.

Ice2ms3776d ago


How about last saturday Liverpool - Man U. I <3 Liverpool :P

MRMagoo1233776d ago

ARSENAL !!!!!! nothing compares to football ive been a fan of arsenal since i was 8 so 19 years now the only thing i get as excited watching as football is NRL the broncos all the way and also the state of origin matches which i can happily say QLD won again lol to NSW

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byeGollum3777d ago

this dudes a dumbass... he wouldnt see the emotion we get from watching Football (NOT SOCCER!!) Football ... i myself have never sat down to watch a NFL game so im not gonna knock it straight away, but by Kotakus logic NFL is a rip off of Rugby except you wear armour and helmet lolz

PoSTedUP3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

but American football came first : ) like 1609 and rugby wasn't their until mid 1800's, so who ripped off of who? and at first American football was played without armor but people were getting killed and injured really badly so they put the gear on them.

tangerine3777d ago

Sorry child but were do you get you facts from?

Read that. You know how to read? you ignorant ****?

PoSTedUP3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

sorry i was misinformed, no need to use profanity asshole, and talk about ignorant? my statement was a mistake, you might wanna go back and check that first statement you wrote, and THEN call someone ignorant, ok? cause your first statement WASENT a mistake and has Ignorant written all over it ok. people make mistakes and admit it, ignorant people are just ignorant. you are ignorant. i am not ignorant. thats the difference between me and you ; ). peace.

Why o why3777d ago

no need to get all serious about it. If the native americans were playing sport then that may of predated rugby but as a country America is reletively new if you know what i mean. It doesnt really matter what came first anyway but Football is Football not soccer

wtf first the Americans change our language whilst still calling it english then you rename the WORLDS sport soccer. (Im a serious way though;)

shine13963777d ago

erm soccer isn't the american name for football. its english. another english sport Rugby is also known as football. Thats why when rugby when to america they called it american football. Soccer is to differentiate between rugby football and football. hmmm...calm down people, my first reaction was to get angry but then I saw the site...

MRMagoo1233776d ago

I cant stand NFL ive really tried to watch it but it bores me to death, how long can they make 1 minute last in the game? plus why all the padding you dont see NRL players wearing it and they hit just as hard if not harder.Baseball is ok when there is something happening but most of the time there just spitting or looking round ide rather watch tennis.just my opinion tho.

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ape0073777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

dumb stupid typical american


go watch nfl,hocky,baseball or nba lol


pwnsause3777d ago

Because they kill Each other, you seen them tackle people especially the 300lb ones. it isn't just catching and running BTW, theres a strategy behind it, its called play calling, how to run past the tackler without getting killed on the field. anyway, i like all sports. except for Cricket.

Skadoosh3777d ago

Soccer may be the greatest sport in the world to you but not everybody. It's called preference. This guy just doesn't like soccer.

Why o why3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

american football is just a another version of rugby imo. The plays seem interesting though after playing a bit of madden. I only like basketball because of its pace. The rest are too stop n start'ish IMO



for real? They should of just called it ovalball and saved the confusion

pwnsause3777d ago

oh BTW the reason why people in the US call it football is because, yup you guessed it, the ball is a foot long, in other words:

1 foot= .30 meters

shine13963777d ago

erm evolved from rubgy (football), thats why its called american football...

micro_invader3776d ago

Nah, don't hate on Cricket. Sure, there's not as much action in it as other sports but it's fun, peaceful game. I enjoy playing it with my friends.

MRMagoo1233776d ago

If you think cricket is too slow watch the 20/20 matches the rules are different so the game is alot faster paced so there isnt much in the way of waiting for the right ball you just swing and hope it goes.

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Irving3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Typical dumbass statement. I bet he enjoys the kind of FOOTBALL where players use more hands than legs. Thats why I don't trust football (real one) game reviews from American websites.

Oh, and watching cars go round and round in oval circuits for 200 laps isn't very exciting either.

Why o why3777d ago

boy did that sport need tom cruise :)

pwnsause3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

yea no one watches nascar, unless you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, aka the line the divides the US North and South.

Indy car racing is getting quite popular though, cause its not just racing in a loop.

TruthbeTold3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

That is only yet another example of our arrogance and pin hole view here in America. We're about the only country left that doesn't hold the metric system in first regard.

Seriously, I'm embarrassed sometimes by my country. We always have to view things from a point of view so strongly set forth by our own culture that the rest of the world shakes its head. We always act as if what we like is the best, and everyone else should fall in line, while simultaneously belittling things that the rest of the world adores since we don't/can't relate to it. We always have to be right, even when we're wrong. "Cuz we're America damn it!"

I swear, I wish the rest of the world would just lie to the stupid 30% or so of us who won't let it go and say: "Hey, you guys were right about Iraq and you won!" Just one more lie. Maybe that way we'd be able to bring our troops home instead of them dying over some B.S.

SacT0wnF1n3st3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Forza Inter! :)

Oh and not many intelligent people working for Kotaku so what do we expect?

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