TeamXbox: Fable II Interview

TeamXbox writes: "There's something you need to know about Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux, the man not only behind the Fable series, but other gaming classics like Black & White and Populous: he loves to talk. In fact, during our scheduled to time to sit down with him last week - when Microsoft brought Fable II (and Peter) to San Francisco to let us check out the game – we had barely walked in the door and started our tape recorder when the conversation started. Hence the weird beginning below. As soon as I walked in the room, we started discussing the last quest I had accomplished.

Peter was extremely curious to hear about my experience with the game so far, even though I'd only been playing for about 30 minutes. But immediately we had a ton to talk about, since the expansiveness and variety or things you and do in Fable II is evident from the very beginning. So please join this chat with game design guru Peter Molyneux mid stride while we talk about his impressive new Xbox 360 exclusive, Fable II. This is a transcript of our recorded conversation:"

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