Here’s How Nintendo Switch Game Cases Compare With Wii U Cases

ThisGenGaming says "Retailers have finally been sent game cases for Nintendo Switch promotion material, which means we can compare the two cases."

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PhoenixUp1470d ago

Nintendo should've went with red box cases

lxtrxi1470d ago

Agree with this. Red would've looked good on the cases. We have green for Xbox One, blue for PS4 and clear for Switch. Why you got to ruin the color code Nintendo!

Neonridr1470d ago

actually some Wii U boxes were red if I am not mistaken.

Segata1470d ago

Mario will be red. Since Wii Mario games are red. Luigi games are green.

Deadpooled1469d ago

Both versions of super mario maker (wii u and 3ds) have yellow cases

bouzebbal1469d ago

Super Mario Bros U case was red on Wii.

UltimateMaster1469d ago

So retailers already have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? I tough it wasn't to be released at launch...
Are they purposefully delaying the game so that it seems like it doesn't have droughts?

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ifinitygamer1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Red has always been for Mario games specifically, both on Wii U and 3DS. They don't do it with very Mario game, but to my knowledge, they never do it with a non-Mario title. I'm probably wrong, though, and someone will find it, hah.

Deadpooled1469d ago

super mario maker has a yellow case

Utalkin2me1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Yeah you usually like to talk without having proper knowledge. Saying stuff like, "only 2 Nintendo consoles have came packed with games."

And mario maker was a yellow case.

rainslacker1469d ago

They use red for their GOTY re-releases too.

Not all of them, buy many.

I dunno. I don't think they actually have a rhyme or reason for why they choose particular colors.

NecoTehSergal1469d ago

But Nintendo execs know that this is what people are expecting them to do - because it makes the most sense - THUS, they can't do this or they'll obviously see themselves not as 'INNOVATIVE'.

"They want red cases! It'd be perfect....but since people want it? We won't do it!"

Nintendo Logic - don't do anything people want because then it'd seem too trendy for those hipsters.

-Foxtrot1469d ago

I know right. I've said this for years

EMBRACE THE RED's their colour

Sony has Blue and what do they do for the Wii U...light Blue ¬¬

rainslacker1469d ago

Kind of reminiscent of the PSP cases. But agree, red, or Nintendo Blue would have been a nice distinction.

Wonder if Nintendo is continuing with their environmental efforts by having less plastic used in each case like they started with the Wii.

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Moonman1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I like clear as Nintendo artwork is colorful enough and a red box does not go with every cover art color. This also looks more mature. Sony blu ray color boxes make sense as everyone has blu ray collections they match.

Erik73571470d ago

I would of thought red would be better but I do say they stand out

joethetimelord1470d ago

Emphasis on artwork trumps case colors for me too.

pcz1469d ago

i agree, colour cases look cheap and tacky. its better to have a neutral colour.

there is nothing worse than having a (say) resident evil game in a toy blue case. it ruins the package.

glad they went with clear

TGGJustin1470d ago

They look about the same size as PSP game cases honestly.

1470d ago
Moonman1470d ago

UMD nostalgia. I have some UMD movies too.

81BX1470d ago

My gaming soul is ready.

Perjoss1470d ago

I quite liked the white wii ones. They could have made these cases much smaller too as the carts look NDS or vita sized. Vita or Ds sized cases would have been cool.

rjason121470d ago

I believe they made them bigger so that people don't think that they are "inferior handheld games"

City19791469d ago

They are handheld games.

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